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  2. Hopefully we will remember to be there!!
  3. Stop Press!! Following discussions at our club night on Wednesday we have now been allocated enough space to erect three of our 4ft x 2ft boards (including the pier) at Sleaford Exhibition on Sat 2nd June. We hope to have a restricted service available and all of the buildings complete or part complete will be on display. Hope this is of interest
  4. We could have provided a walking frame if needed!
  5. For info,Bantry layout will not be appearing at Sleaford exhibition this year due to lack of space.
  6. Bantry layout will not be appearing this year due to lack of space in hall.
  7. Very clever-brilliant idea.
  8. I agree-this layout is rather special.
  9. This is looking nice.Nice weathering on the slipway.
  10. looks ok to me David-I'm sure the railway authorities placed a hoarding there as they knew somebody would build a model of the line one day!
  11. You may need a passport issued by the Grand Duchy of Sleaford this year (at least they are printed in the UK!)
  12. That is a rather special building-excellent standard
  13. Thanks again for the kind comments folks. Broithe- Yes it will be at Sleaford exhibition on June 2nd!Hopefully we will have some more scenic work completed. Next project started is the Cattle Dock-could do with some good pics of this and also the large goods shed that was at the pier end of Bantry station.
  14. Latest pics of Bantry loco Shed.Back to the drawing board for the door hinges-they just were not strong enough. Have fixed the doors in the open position and added a couple of clothing items and a notice on the door.(the shed doors will mainly be open anyway when the locos take water) Small lean to shed also added.Some small details needed to finish but nearly complete.
  15. Nice scenery David-as usual you have it spot on
  16. Superb David-coming along very nicely indeed
  17. I like the platform Patrick. Bantry station platform next on my list-this gives me food for thought!
  18. Excellent start with the buildings
  19. Excellent start-looking forward to following this.
  20. Just seen these-excellent work Patrick.You have certainly set a high standard for your layout.
  21. JHB Have taken photos of the same piece of timber at various stages of painting and weathering,all based on Martyn Welch's book 1 is obvious! 2 is painted with Sleeper Grime (in this case Railmatch) 3 is top coat added (Revell 64) but add your chosen colour! 4 is after rubbing with a carbon fibre brush 5 is after dry brushing and rubbing in with finger (Humbrol 64 Grey pus a touch of Humbrol 24 Yellow) 6 and 7 after weathering with powders (Greys and Dust colours-just add gradually and not too much) you will know when it looks right. 8 is an experiment -wood painted as pe
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