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Irish Narrow Gauge

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With the IRM announcement recently I reckon we will all be hoarding our hard earned over the next 12 months so I have decided to 

offer my Narrow Gauge stuff as swaps rather than eating up your cash. PM me if there is anything of interest

Looking for Irish only swaps please but might be tempted with any exotic bits hiding in the loft.

Pics can be supplied if required

 Had a great idea some years back to build a narrow gauge layout but time and the fact that I can hardly stick Lego together never mind model kits has made me realise this layout is never going to happen
Derry & Lough Swilly 4-8-0
Donegal 2-6-4T, No 14 Railbus, covered wagons, cattle trucks & open wagons
Clogher Valley 6 wheel coaches & Horse Box's
Cavan & Leitrim 4-4-0T, Covered goods vans
There are also some OO gauge kits by Terry McDermott, J15, J26 UTA 4-4-2 UTA S Class most of which require motors wheels & gears
Original SSM 6 Wheel coaches, 1st class, 1st/2nd comp, 3rd & brake 3rd.
Model Wagon Co. GNR(I) Cattle wagons, white metal (16)
There are other kits by Perseverance, London Road Models, Impetus & Micro Rail that can be used as Irish models
So look in your attics, garages etc and root out anything you have not used for the last 5 years and talk to me.

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Hi Wrennerie

I know you said you would prefer a swap, but the guys I know might not have a lot to swap with you but they may be interested in the 00n3 kits to buy from you, can you put a fresh list of what you have.

I personally would like the Donegal stock and some of the 00 gauge stock like the Model Wagon Co. GNR(I) Cattle wagons, white metal (16) and  the Original SSM 6 Wheel coaches, 1st class, 1st/2nd comp, 3rd & brake 3rd.

I should not for get the Impetus kits either.



Colin Rainsbury


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This is most of what I can find at the moment, there may be some more hiding about.

Some locos have gears, motors & wheels, some are body only.

Similar with wagons & coaches, some have wheels, some haven't .

One or two have been reserved but I will let them go at this stage, been holding them for too long.

PM for price if anything is of interest, have to work out the price later.

I can send pics also.


SSM GNR (I) 3rd 6 Wheel
  GSWR /CIE 1ST/2ND Comp + Lav, 2 X All 3RD
  GSWR / CIE Brake 3rd. All 3rd
  GSR Mainline Stock x 4
  GSR Parcel Brake x 4
Micro Rail DNGR
  GSWR/GSR J15 X 2
Perseverance Kit DSER 2-4-2 / GSR 427 X 2
London Road Models DNGR 0-6-0
Impetus Hunslet LPHC 0-6-0T Prototype RH Smyth in Downpatrick
Impetus Manning Wardle 0-6-0T Various distilleries
Impetus Bagnall 0-4-0ST Guinness
Ambrico Narrow Gauge Co Donegal Railcar x 2
Branchlines Narrow Gauge Clogher Valley Horse Box x 2
Branchlines Narrow Gauge 1st / 3rd Comp/or All 3rd Coaches
Model Wagon Co. 16 x GNR(I) Cattle Wagons
Nine Lines Co Donegal Open Wagon, Standard Van
Chivers Tralee & Dingle Horse Box x 2
Chivers Tralee & Dingle 2-6-0T
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22 hours ago, Mike 84C said:

Hi Wrenneire, if Colin does not take all whats left please pm me. Brake 3rd and cattle wagons are of interest.

   Regards Mick

Hi Mike

I will let you have the cattle wagons if you still want them as I was only getting them for a future project so they may have hung around for awhile before I got around to building them.



Opps should have also said about this one as well  LPHC 0-6-0 RH Smyth







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I'm a long-term narrow gauge modeler in the U.S.A, and new to Irish narrow gauge. I plan to visit Ireland for the first time in September, and would like to start a small collection of Irish narrow gauge models, but I can't find any models available for sale. At my advanced age, I no longer have the visual or manual skills to assemble kits, but I am willing to hire a custom builder. I would be grateful for any advice and/or guidance members of this list can offer.



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Hi Smub.

Lets start at the beginning,

First of all it can be expensive to hire someone to build the models for you.

The second point is what scale did you have in mind?

At this moment in time there are not that many 00n3 or 12mm gauge 00 scale (4mm scale) kits about as one of the main manufacturing is currently in the process of transferring ownership.

There are a number of 3D cad print bodies out there from shapeway's but once again there are no working chassis at present, but I hope this is about to change as the new owner of the Irish range from Backwoods is hoping to introduce a new range of 3ft gauge chassis's for these 3D Bodies at some stage. 

Hope this helps








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Hi Colin,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I followed up on your posting regarding Neville Kent taking over Backwoods stock, but he doesn't expect to be operational until the end of this year. 

I'm interested in 4mm scale because I have HOm track. 

I guess I will just keep monitoring eBay and hope something interesting appears for sale.

All the best,



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Hi Sy

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you what with work etc, the good news is that 00n3 is still a live and kicking you could try Branchlines for the Beyer peacock 2-4-0T kits or if as I understand it Worsley works are planning to do a few new Irish models, they do a number of Isle of Man kits as do Roxey Mouldings http://www.roxeymouldings.co.uk/category/59/4mm-scale-/

Ninelines still do the Donegal Van and what they called a flat wagon  http://www.nine-lines.co.uk/home page frames.html

I should not forget Alphagraphix as they do some wonderful card kits not only of rolling stock but a number of Irish buildings as well, you can contact them for a catalogue at the email address of sirberkeley@hotmail.com, they normally ask you to send them two British first class stamps and an A5 sized addressed envelope ( don't put the stamps on the envelope as I think they use them else where). 

Most of them are ease enough to find on the web via Google. the exception to this is in fact Branchlines, but you can find them via a Branchlines Blog site which hasn't been updated for some time now  http://branchlines.blogspot.com/

Almost forgot Dundas Models and their T&D Kits  https://dundasmodels.co.uk/webstore/index.php

I don't think I have forgotten anyone but I am sure if I have I will add them to the list once I have the details

Hope this all helps.





Edited by Colin R
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