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GNR Signal Box

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I contacted the museum at Cultra searching for more information on Ballymena Station. I really have to say that the service the curators provided was second to none. An email was followed by a phone call with a number of contact points for me to persue things further. Whilst they couldn’t provide me any documentation on the station they did post me copies of track plans of Ballymena for three different time periods. They also provided a copy of the generic Signal box design favoured by Berkeley Dean Wise. Not only does it include dimensions for the box (to be altered according to the size of frame required inside) it also covers the type of brick to be used, the Bangor slates for the roof, the grade of timber for the window frames, the depth to which the brick should be laid and the furnishings and painting of the interior. Absolutely fascinating. 08E35333-7DA8-4390-9DB1-9492FD9E987E.thumb.jpeg.97a8955d5b77851a1a2c4d819984ed40.jpeg

Should anyone want a copy run off for their own perusal please pm me and I’ll sort it out for you. 

A big thumbs up to the staff at the Transport Museum. 


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Thanks for that, I hadn’t heard of Alphagrahix before. As to the kit, I’ve already got mine sorted, check out page 2 of my Galgorm Hall thread. :D

Jonathan, PM me your address and I’ll send a copy off to you .



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This isn't a GNR box; the GNR didn't serve Ballymena. The old Company was the Belfast & Northern Counties Railway which became the Midland Railway, Northern Counties Committee (NCC) after purchase by the English Midland Railway and then part of the LMS.

Derry Waterside 77 s465

This is the same style of Box at Derry, Waterside.

This is more like the standard GNR box, the main difference being that the roof does not overhang as much and isn't shaped the same.

Beauparc, Oldcastle br. SG2 18 & railbus A early 1950'simg092


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