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Double Decker Bus

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You will be aware that there is a model of the UTA low bridge double decker on the market - probably only second hand now. You'd have to re-letter the destination blind, as the model is a "Ballyclare" bus.

A bit like my Jim Poots' PS1, which is going to Carrickmore ( a former home) - hard to explain that in Portadown, or on the level crossing at Richhill?

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I now have two of Jim’s buses and they are excellent kits and easy to assemble. I had the great pleasure of meeting him at the regent show some weeks ago. He is very knowledgable about the bus world in general. I’ll eventually be going back to him for another bus.

I've seen a model of his UTA double decker - a friend of mine has one - and it too is an excellent model, especially when it’s as expertly painted as my friend has it.

For a layout based in the fifties, one of those P class half-cabs looks well. When I’m operating in the grey, green & J15 era, it’s parked in front of the station. When it’s black’n’tan time, it’s replaced by s red and cream E class, as seen all over rural Ireland in the mid sixties.

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