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Small commuter train New Ross 1963

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Hi all,

I have little familiarity with pre craven coaches. Can anyone identify the carriages in this screen grab?

I think the first one is a heating van (right of shot), no idea what the passenger coach is and the last might be a 2 axle parcel van?

Any way of modelling these?

Interesting to see what looks like a 141 black and tan and then a Class 121 in original livery pulling what loos like the same rake. The passenger carriage might be different.


New Ross 1963 three coach train.png

New Ross 1963 with Class 121 original livery.png

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Middle pic Looks like a HLV, Suburban Laminate coach, and a tin van. Not sure about the last coach in the last pic. Perhaps bogie brake parcel. @jhb171achill? :) I love the cross over era when it was common place to Black'n'Tan coaches mixed with silver tin vans and some green flying snail coaching stock. In terms of RTR models, Irish Freight models for the tin van, Dapol/Marks Models for the green non-gangway suburban coach and Irish Freight Models or Silver fox of the last van.

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29 minutes ago, Wexford70 said:

Thanks for this. 

I saw the Marks Models coach but thought the quality was not great.

Any body else offering something similar even in kit form?

The ones I got from Marks are not bad, similar quality to the Bachmann Green flying snail CIE coaches, just without the gangways. and different door/window arrangement.


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The coach in the middle of the train looks like the compartment side of a main line corridor coach dating from the 1920s not unlike the Bachmann/Murphy models flying snail coach.

The GSR also built some non-corridor compartment stock for suburban use during the late 1920s that were not unlike the LMS suburban stock of the 1930s https://www.hornby.com/uk-en/shop/wagons-coaches/passenger-coaches/non-corridor-57ft-coaches.html . some of theses coaches were repainted into the black & tan scheme and used on Bray line surban services up to 1972.

Coaches built during this era usually had small windows and doors from the individual compartments on one side with a toilet compartment at each end, the corridor side had larger windows and a smaller number of doors than the compartment side

You can just about make out the window and door arrangements and raised panelling at 0:45 as the train draws out of the station.

The coach is likely to be a composite with 1st & 2nd(3rd) Class accommodation rather than a 2nd.

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