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Health Warning - taken on a handheld mini-camera by a rank amateur simply enjoying watching trains and in very windy conditions, so turn sound down!

Anyone like Hoovers?

50014 and 50049 in GBFr livery pass Pangbourne with two barrier wagons on a wagon move from Kidderminster (SVR!) to Reading Traincare depot today. A one-off working.

They came back about an hour later LE, but I messed up the focus!

The Class 60 on the oil tanks is a regular working around 1400 from Theale Murco sidings. Sorry about the wind noise, you can just about hear the 60 purr through. Those bogie tank wagons might make a nice model, lads?


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There's quite a bit on the Internet about the current status of 50.007 and 50.049, so I won't bore you all here, just have a look at websites like the Fifty Fund, or the Fifty Alliance.

GBFr paid for the repaint and have trained some drivers to drive the locos, which appear to be based at the Severn Valley Railway.

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My first freight since March!

A very noisy GBFr 66.741 roaring through a damp Pangbourne yesterday afternoon with thirty plus mainly full bogie flats of various types. The drizzle would not have been out of place at home. The catenary of the electrics put up a fine spray / STEAM in contact with the wires!

Don't miss the PINK container on the rear - something for the Boys to AccuraScale-ly model?

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2 hours ago, flange lubricator said:

I think that c rail are already there with the pink container 



Thanks, Flange, what about the other forty or so on the train? Quite a variety of "flats" as well it seemed.

The real modelling issue is a train nearly a quarter of a mile long - twenty feet or so in 4mm scale!

I don't think any of us could accommodate it in a loop on our lines!

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