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New Book - Riley in Ireland, compiled by Michael McMahon

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No, NOT about Riley cars, but DICK RILEY a famous English photographer whose photographs have adorned many books in the past.



In this new volume, Michael has selected about 80 photographs (published one per page) taken by Dick Riley during a single, busy, week-long visit to Ireland in May 1950. It was the only visit Riley made to Ireland and he made very good use of his time.

The photographs are from the Transport Library collection and are  well reproduced in this small hardback landscape book. Riley journied from Belfast (BCDR, NCC and GNR) through Dundalk, touching the DN&GR, the three main sheds in Dublin, Bray, the Cavan and Leitrim, Clones, Enniskillen, Sligo, Strabane, Co Donegal, the Swilly, the NCC lines from Derry and finished in Ballycastle with a couple of nice photos taken six months before the end of that narrow gauge line.

Michael has provided an informative, readable caption for every photograph, full of technical, historical detail with a fair sprinkling of anecdotes.

Only available directly from the publisher -

Highly recommended.
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I did go through the list of his photos available on the publisher’s website and there’s still a few enticing items in there...although given that he was snapping alongside HC, I expect some images might simply be slight variants on Casserley classics we already know. At least one image in this book looked vaguely familiar - not complaining though! 

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You won't be seeing a Vol 2, I'm afraid, as this was pretty well the lot. As GMore says, he probably took several views of the same thing. Certainly Henry Casserley did, which explains why he took over 500 photos in the same week.

However, patience, patience - you never know what will turn up .......


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