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Did you spot IRM on the Toy Show last night?

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Hi everyone,

Did you spot the various IRM goodies on the Late, Late Toy Show last night? Like "Where's Wally" you can hunt for them in the image below!


We were delighted to be approached directly by RTE and provide some IRM goodies for our young enthusiast Aidan Pinto to play with ahead of the show. We were also blown away by his encyclopaedic knowledge of trains and a tad jealous of his great prize of a trip around Inchicore and a trip on an RPSI special! 

We know that many people worry about the future of the hobby and if it's a dying interest. Kids like Aidan show the enthusiasm is still strong among our youngsters, and as we have seen with IRM stuff and the new 121s selling so fast, the market for Irish outline is growing bigger and bigger. 

RTE also started a Toy Show appeal to help children and families all around the country in tough situations last night. Check out their appeal and give what you can: https://www.rte.ie/toy-show-appeal/

You can also watch the full segment with Aidan back here https://www.rte.ie/player/series/toy-show-mastermind/SI0000008051?epguid=PI000016306&seasonguid=164762664101

Hopefully IRM will be back again next year, but it was certainly a proud moment for us all to have our business and models featured on the most iconic of Irish television programmes.


Fran (on behalf of IRM) 

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Spotted ballasts, and weed spray tanks RLHS (rear LHS). Spoil FLHS, plough CLF, cement bubble RCRHS, another spot CR (centre rear), not sure if that is the top of an orange and black A class pre-production sample RLHS too, or two spoils on a 42ft. Another plough FRHS. Image a little blurry so cannot pick out any containers in that maze of colour. Well done, did IRM get a mention? I didn't watch the programme. IRM models excellent finesse look a little out of place with the toys trains, but the yellow models complement the pallet of colours on the table. What a coup to get on. Hope you got a mention. 

PS: Thanks for the link

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Nice one and well done to Aidan. I'm sure he'll be blown away by his prizes. I'd love to get in to the works myself!

Have to make to with the Deutsche Bahn works open days around here but sure there's no EMD diesel to see in those!!

This hobby is tactile and will survive and thrive. IRM have brought it into the 21st century with its web presence and the world is your marketplace.

Well done all!


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