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19 hours ago, Billycan said:

Anyone identify this?



Dunno, An interesting curiosity. Two lads carrying a rail wheel from a steam locos with an IR and NR logo on the bottom, anything to do with the enterprise of Dublin-Belfast route or commemorating something positive. Not sure what the guy stretched out laying across the wheel symbolises. Looks like some sort of plaque.

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I get the impression it is about 15" dia.  

Noel, I had to have a second look to see the 'guy stretched out laying across the wheel'.  I hadn't noticed that before and then wondered if the wheel was forming a halo.  However, when you look again you see that the stretched guy is in fact the thigh of the person holding the wheel on the right.  His knee is at the axle hole and if you follow on down through the calf you see he is wearing a boot.  An optical illusion?  A trial piece with two good logos? 




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