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Modelling anything at Downpatrick

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I would point out that arangements can be made to view / measure / photograph locos and stock at Downpatrick by prior arrangement. For those who haven't been, the following can be seen there, and in positions to be given a once-over by modellers:


Locos: A, E, G, B141, O & K steam, RPSI No. 3, and GSWR No.90.


Railcars: NIR's BREL railbus, RB3.


Coaches: CIE park Royal, TPO, 24xx series dining car, laminate brake standard, laminate brake genny, BR genny van. Plus GSWR high and low roofed coaches, the sole surviving 70 class driving trailer, BCDR coaches of three types. There is other stock there but not fit to be examined, e.g. items shrink wrapped in plastic sheet pending restoration.


Among the wagons, NCC "Brown Vans", NCC goods brake, NCC open wagons, a tank wagon and a breakdown crane.


I hope this is of use to anyone modelling any of the above.

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Guest hidden-agenda

Having visited on quite a few occasions its a brilliant set up and i cant recommend it enough for any one wanting a trip with the family or for a look about as the work-shops and shed have the atmosphere that brings back memories of the old days.

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Heirflick, you'd be very welcome. I would say to anyone though, if you let us know before you arrive we can be better prepared to make your visit worthwhile. The TPO is in original condition and will remain that way. Internally, all fittings remain, though it has had temporary partitions added to allow use as a Grotto for a guy in a red suit who comes each December to the railway!


Externally it is in 1955-1961 lighter CIE green.

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Oh the temptation...I'm putting this list in my "for consideration" section...


I remember those GSWR coaches when they were in Mallow in the early 80's when I was part of the GSRPS. Isn't there one of them up in Clifden as well.


By the way, whatever happened to the converted Scammell lorry that was part of GSRPS collection? There is a photo on page 46 of "Rails through the West", based in Oranmore where it was used as a private owners shunting vehicle.

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Guest hidden-agenda
I propose an Irishrailwaymodeller day out to Downpatrick

Can anyone here organise it?

Car share from Dublin Dave as my mates do it and it means you dont worry about getting from Belfast to Downpatrick and your times your own.

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A party visit to Downpatrick would be fine, and I will assist in organising it if anyone's interested.


There are two ways of looking at it. One is just to savour it as an operating railway on a working day. The other is to take the view that the primary objective is photographing and measuring what's there for modelling purposes.


If the former, obviously it wouldn't be as easy for a model maker, as access to track and sidings would be somewhat restricted due to trains operating. On the other hand, there's nothiong quite like sitting in a first class compartment in a 1924-built GSWR coach heading out across the marshes towards Inch Abbey! I suppose that preferences can be expressed here.


It takes about two hours from Dublin. An hour to Newry, then an hour over the Mourne mountains. Alternatively, there is an hourly bus from Belfast in each direction for those coming from there.


If the prevailing opinion is that a non-operating day is preferred, I should be able to act as guide most Saturdays. If you prefer an operating day, there will be trains on both bank holidays, using either a G class or A class loco. Normal summer operations start mid June. For planning purposes, the timetable is:


Downpatrick 1400 1445 1530 1615 1700

Inch Abbey 1410 1455 1540 1625 1710


Inch Abbey 1420 1505 1550 1635 1720

Downpatrick 1430 1515 1600 1645 1730


In addition, empty stock movements leave Downpatrick at 1230, returning light engine at 1300 ex inch Abbey; also light engine (probably a G) leaving Downpatrick at 1740 to bring empty stock back from Inch.


There is also now the Carriage Gallery to look at. No. 90 is in there right now, along with several carriages. The TPO is in there at present.

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