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  1. Maintenance Work

    Hi guys, There may be a few small glitches and errors as I put in some (overdue) work on the servers that run the commiunity. Thanks for your patience! Stephen
  2. http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/forumdisplay.php/52-ECM-Model-Trains Name = ECM Model Trains Tag Line = Manufacturing 8100 Class 00 Gauge DART Model Welcome to Eoin! ( @murrayec )
  3. Site Issues

    Working on it
  4. Each item must have an asking price (obviously offers can be made lower) If collection is available state where it can be collected from Ideally offers, acceptances etc should should be made 'on thread' and not via PMs as at least then everyone then knows whats sold or not
  5. Some server updates

    Hi all, there may be a few momentary interruptions as I patch NginX, Varnish and some other components to their latest versions.
  6. Mods can 'give' Infractions to users if they breach one of the rules. If you receive an infraction, you will receive an email detailing the reason. If you've any issue, PM the admin or email admin@ the forum domain. The user gets a notification that they have a 'point' (points expire 10 days after giving). A bit like the points system on your car, 3 points together and you get a 7day ban (automatically enforced by the forum).
  7. http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/645-071-Supertrain-pictures
  8. User Moderation Policy

    Following a little bit of spam, all new registrations are now human moderated. This might cause a small delay if you register in the middle of the night GMT This also prevents multiple accounts per IP, etc. so should be for the good of the community!
  9. Start a Blog!

    Free blogs now come as standard with every account! http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/blog.php Track the progress of your layout in a thread, or a blog - your choice !
  10. Twitter Account

    https://twitter.com/#!/irishrailwaymod Will be used to track announcements and key bits of news (and also if for any reason there is a problem with this server, we'll update twitter to let ye know!)
  11. Listen to the podcast/,p3 from the Live Line Programme which discussed: http://www.rte.ie/podcasts/2012/pc/pod-v-08031216m39slivelinerailway-pid0-999744.mp3
  12. With the Murphy Models 071 model just around the corner - discuss here!
  13. Here is a step-by-step guide for installing an inspection pit under the running shed. First, the pit is glued together as per peco instructions, and then measured up in place. The Woodland Scenics foam is cut away with a blade and the four corners drilled out with an 8mm wood bit to make room for the jigsaw. Next, cut the slot with the jigsaw (observing safety ) Once done, pop the pit in an ensure a good fit. You might need to trim or file a bit here. Next, remove the web from the back of the track for this section, just cut the web and you can pop the ties off the track for this length, and then slide the remaining web/ties off the track – you’ll need to keep it to re-thread onto the rails in a bit. Now, carefully thread the rail onto the pit, feeding it all the way through, and then thread the rail back on to the end piece of tie / web. And it’s done Doing it this way also means you maintain good electrical connectivity throughout, leading to less stressful running later on
  14. Ok, here we go!! Boards arrived this morning for the terminus / yards and the fiddle loop incline. Decided to start a thread here to keep me under pressure So here is the latest / current plan. I’m pretty much happy with the terminus and yards, pending seeing some track actually down… the curves will likely widen out to 3′ radius where I can…. For now I am building the top section of the plan and will very gradually work my way into a loop over time. I reckon the track and wiring complexity of the terminus and yards alone will keep me busy for 2012! And here we have the current ‘view’ of the layout – some nice Ply and strips of 2×1 and 2×2

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