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  1. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Great job on the GSV so far Noel! I found the roof vents, fuel tank details and fuel filler points to be among the most awkward parts to get right. Looking forward to seeing the finished article
  2. 2700's New Lease of Life

    Apologies if this has been posted before but it appears IÉ have put out a tender for the refurbishment of the 2700 class railcars that are currently in storage. http://https://www.kildarenow.com/news/increasing-train-services-anticipated-next-year-renovations-fleet-28-iarnrod-eireann-carriages/176306
  3. Kiwirail Problems

    Now that I'm over in John Mayner country for a while, I've been listening to the local news and found this story interesting. http://www.newshub.co.nz/business/kiwirails-asbestos-locos-back-to-work-2014040817#axzz4AwQRQcsD
  4. Did anyone else see the 22k (might have been 22133 but not sure) with all-over 'Hotel Transylvania' movie vinyls? Is this a new trend for IÉ?
  5. Railways of Kildare

    Event being held next month in Naas if anyone is interested. http://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event-details?EventID=270
  6. MK2 Composites

    I'm thinking about repainting some MM mk2d (or AC stock if you prefer) Supertrain coaches to match the 'orange roof' IÉ livery. As far as I can tell there were 9 composites originally and 5 were converted to standards after some time. My question is, did composites often run in IÉ livery (black and orange roofed) mk2 rakes or was this rare?
  7. Looks like there's a 29000 set outside Inchicore this morning in the new all over green livery. Anyone got pics?
  8. Barls Layout

    I've been working on my layout over the last few years but have changed my mind so often that I never really got anywhere with it. I managed to make a small bit of progress over the summer and after a much needed kick from what Anthony said and wanting an excuse to take 082 out of its box I got some time today to take a few pics of what I have done and post them up. Its a long long way from a 'finished' state but at this stage I want to get it to near complete so that I can run some trains and then I can go about replacing some of the buildings with scratch-built ones and adding more detailing. Apologies for the poor picture quality, they were taken with my phone. Oh and I need a name for it Overall view off the layout (please excuse the mess ) This will eventually be a freight/dock area with an engine shed at the end. Farm area with tunnel to fiddleyard The pub is only temporary until I get around to building one; a very important part
  9. Barls Workbench

    I had a Bachmann 150 sitting in its box so I decided to have a go at converting it to look something like a 2700 Railcar. It still needs a good bit of work until its finished, such as the black around the windows, but it's getting there!

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