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  1. Irish Railway Rambler - new book

    Sure is, picked up a copy at the Blackrock show. Found it odd that there is no summary of the Cravens in it despite everything else.
  2. February Railway Modeller N gauge track

    Thanks for the heads up. I am currently offloading all my British outline 00 models and turning to N gauge for British and maybe some German stuff. Keeping my Irish side of things 00. Only starting N gauge this week strangely enough and will be interested in this. Just got myself a Peco starter track pack to get me going on N gauge for the time being.
  3. 111+113 failed early this morning while on PWD works causing all sorts of problems on part of the NIR network.
  4. Just wanted to ask about NIR doing trials with 111 and 113 in multiple. I understand this is for ballast relaying work due shortly involving spoil and ballast wagons. What I can't my head around is what on the NIR network will require the power of 2 111s to shift? IE use a single 071 to haul the heaviest freight trains running today, that are the laden tara mines. In permanent way work the most I've seen them haul for practical reasons was 10 laden HOBS and an 071 tailing at the rear on top and tail works. If anyone has any insight as to what NIR need all that power for I'd love to know.
  5. Tara Junction.

    The Enterprise rake is made by D&M models, they have a section here on the forum, Dave is usually quick to respond to PMs. They also make the excellent IMO 2600 units in any running livery or numbers you like, have 3 sets myself. Apologies if hijacking this super thread.
  6. Its 208 and 209 that get the 8 prefix on NIR as they own them. 228 is still 228.
  7. Yeah the grey is spot on. Without opening a can of worms here. The shade of orange is remarkable compared to the weathered wagon beside it, even though coated in dust the orange is darker and alot like the orange in the picture of 149 hauling the mixed orange and ivory rake. The pre production model shown in Blackrock looks very similar to the above picture compared to the final cut which is as accurate as can be. I'm sure this is an exposure issue like the other thread with the Cravens in a golden orange and in normal exposure shot in Bray it's the tan we are all used to.
  8. That grey livery didn't last very long at all, only a few years so only a short modeling window, also the last batch of bubbles built were turned out in orange, they never carried the grey livery as it was phased out before they were built. Love to see a model myself, not sure the lads will do a run.
  9. Have a brand new never opened MM 201 River Shannon for sale. Box still in bubble wrap. €160 Note, pic is of my own running loco. Model for sale is wrapped in bubble wrap and tape, never opened or used.
  10. Not to be nit picking but in all those pics so far the walkway number does not match any chassis number. All the walkway numbers are 047 despite the wagon sole bar number.
  11. Can anyone enlighten as to what the VB code after the running number is for. Vacuum braked?? Is my only guess.
  12. MM 201 River Shannon *Now Sold*

    I'll probable still have it then Pat. Not having much interest in it.
  13. High end R-T-R Dutch van. ( rebuilt)

    Have to say myself at least would be all over some Dutch Vans. I know the volume sales issues and all that but would still be well up there for models I'd love to have part of the collection. Just thinking of the 5 MM Mk2D EGVs, they all sold very well if I recall correctly. There are alot of Cravens, Mk2A sets and RPSI Mk2 sets crying out for a Dutch Van.
  14. Mk 2a's

    There were 15 Mk2As. They were generally formed as 2 sets of 6 with EGV and 1 short set of 3 plus EGV but this was subject to change as conditions demanded. This short set was used as cover sometimes when not a maintenance spare, even ended up on a Connolly - Maynooth hauled by a 121+141 of all things. There were never sets a such, the 2As were treated as Cravens. Only thing missing from the modelling scene for the 2As is a modified Dutch van. Would love for someone to release a high end RTR version myself. Thanks Dave, never knew that.
  15. Mk 2a's

    There were no Restaurant or EGV Mk2As. Only standard and Composites. The EGVs for the 2As were 3 modified Dutch vans with Mk3 gangways fitted. There were only 2 IR and 2 IE Mk2As released.
  16. IRM Cement Bubble Wagons

    My first time seeing a pic of 195 too. Also another thing that is rare in that photo is 4 wagons in a row all facing the same way. Also noticed the vac hose pipe connections are cream on the prototype on some, thought they were all black like the model.
  17. Photoshop Project(s)

    NIR's 112 scrubs well doesn't she. It's one of the best photoshops I've ever seen. The 2015 Enterprise livery sits well on the 80 too, I think.
  18. Photoshop Project(s)

    My old favourites.
  19. Don't get me wrong guys, fantastic models. I ended up pre ordering 12 packs in total and now have few packs surplus to requirements. Reason for sale is to help fund a few orange bubbles. Selling 1x A, 1x B and 1x C pack. Selling for €90 each or all 3 packs together for €250. All 3 packs sold pending payment.
  20. Irish Lima Set for sale. 219 and 2 Mk3s. €250 Box Code L105500X05. Everything is still inside but box is a little worn. All cutouts at back are fully intact.
  21. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    On the northern line between Northwall and Platin 20 plus was the norm. Shorter takes of about 12 used to go from Drogheda to Belfast or even attached to the rear of short liners at Dundalk to Belfast.
  22. Glenderg's Projects

    Just wow, no words do that work justice.
  23. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Love 25195 myself. It's my poster wagon I show off when someone asks to see them. Managed to get another Pack A from Marks today. I just knew you guys would sell out last night before I got paid. I like to keep a 1 boxed set and a running set of everything I have. My OCD with this hobby.
  24. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Any chance of another run of Irish Cement bubbles, only manage to secure 1 pack for myself and don't have funds to get another before they sell out, (only 4 left). I know they sold out so quick only because they are the only packs that can be bought at this time and chances are there will be a few CIE packs hanging around for a bit as a result. Maybe people will start swapping IC for CIE packs as they were very rare IC bubbles in reality.

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