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  1. Only 2 071s are now left in the freight livery with 075 only just gone in in recent days and all cab panels stripped off already. 074 and 086 are the last two in line. 079 and 072 are in the works painted up awaiting final finishing before re entering traffic.
  2. Just looking at the last shot of 079, painted date shows December '17. That's a good few months getting other things done, was she waiting on new refurb bogies. I know 082 spent months on temp bogies during overhaul. To me I always find it odd that the livery application is not left till last after all other work is complete.
  3. barrow street

    Wow, Really love the old Boston sidings and the Inspection car. You really captured the look of the place and surrounding area. Almost surreal, really amazing work. And the Trinity College new Bioscience building still a construction site. I actually worked in fitting out some of those floors haha.
  4. They just need to give 078 some new 7s. When she was brought in last year she got the new larger font numbers replacing the older ones that 076 and 085 carry. Somehow they left her as 0 8.
  5. Look What We Found: Irish Cement Bubbles!

    Was just asking because of the Facebook update about buying multiple packs. Dunno bout the Wexford offer myself.
  6. Look What We Found: Irish Cement Bubbles!

    Is the bubble deal only for the Bangor show or online too?
  7. IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Will be interested to see if the IR or IE vans sell faster. The IR era will always be special to me.
  8. IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    There is a pic on Google of one of these vans in all over brown with dirt. Only the parts that need to be read for numbers are yellow.
  9. IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Can't wait to see pre production samples. Also some serious weathering to be going on with these, they were in some state like they had a fight with a JCB towards the end.
  10. Look What We Found: Irish Cement Bubbles!

    Do you have the 4th IC wagon number off hand by chance?
  11. IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    They're up but marked as sold out. Fixed to pre order on refresh
  12. Fantastic photo, I love the A class in the green livery trailing green laminate stock.
  13. DART roof details

    HowthJunction footbridge too. Lots of great views from it for overhead detail, you can get full length ways and side on views there.
  14. 4 wheel timber wagons?

    Same as yourself, never knew they existed till I stumble across that on youtube about 4 years ago. Then I tried find out when they were scrapped and the 62fts took over through IRRS journals. It's amazing what happens when you're looking for something, then stumble across some else and go off researching a different tangent than the first topic you had in mind while forgetting all about in the first place.
  15. 4 wheel timber wagons?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMrBNjMsZ7s Great footage here of a long rake of 4 wheel timbers. You can see at least one wagon had the white ladder like the 62ft timbers.
  16. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Nice new entry on the site lads. Sayin nothin
  17. Photographic Website Updates

    Love the raccoon livery on 231 and 233. Great shots.
  18. SALE: N gauge Class 08 and wagons.

    Also for sale. Peco N gauge set track started set. The tracks have never been used. €50
  19. I am selling an N gauge UK Class 08 in DB Schenker livery. It's Graham Farish, as new, never run, boxed. €75 3x Network Rail JNA Falcon wagons. Dapol factory weathered and boxed. €15 each. Can do a deal on the lot for €100 and or part exchange for anything in 00 Irish outline considered.
  20. Murphy Models Craven coaches white stripes

    Just a further question about the RPSI Cravens and 1509's rocking issue. Does the bogies shim solution work well and any other solutions that modelers have come up with that sort the issues. I was very tempted to pick up another set on the Branchline tour on Saturday but the bogie issue put me off the sale. I've yet to pick up a 1509 for myself yet for the same reason.
  21. RPSI 2018

    Great trip, it was bit cold on the train up to Waterford but after it was grand. Great weather from Limerick Junction onwards. Great day. We got 074 at Waterford instead of 085, 085 was coupled to the CPWs. 086 put on a fantastic show from Turles back to Connolly and made up a good bit of time. The RPSI gave advance warning of the boiler certificate issue in fairness.
  22. Freight Times 2018

    09:20 ex Navan Mon to Fri. Usually passes Howth Junction between 11 and 11:30. Return working about 14:00 to 14:30 empty and laden usually pass each other between Clongriffin and Killester during this time frame. The next empty return can be held on Eastwall Bank from 17:00 to 18:30 waiting for a path north during the evening rush. Can leave anytime in that hour and half window. Last laden of the day passes Howth junction between 19:00 and 20:00. It returns to Navan anytime between 22:30 and 00:30. On Fridays they tend to run early up to an hour and the last laden may or may not run.
  23. RPSI 2018

    Thanks 76, better luck next time.
  24. RPSI 2018

    Probably last time to get 086 in the freight livery on a tour too, she's in a bad way externally. I reckon she is next in line for overhaul.
  25. RPSI 2018

    Was hoping for 071 or 073 for tomorrows run, but alas. Looks like 076 will be hauling from Connolly to Waterford, where a now cleaned up 085 will take over for the run to Limerick. Dunno what's on the home run yet. Never been on a train hauled by 76 or 85 before so all good anyway.

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