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  1. Just a quick question or two. I've put the white metal MIR 121 that I acquired from ebay together as far as I dare, but now I need a chassis. The question. What chassis did you use in yours? Any issues? Thanks again, -Rob
  2. Good news! - Bachmann are doing a Mk1 generator coach for Model Rail, Yay! Bad news! - It's a UK Network Rail version.... http://www.modelrailoffers.co.uk/images/prod_39436.jpg -Rob
  3. As I understand it, the non-aircon MkIIa coaches as modelled by Bachmann for Murphy Models need a different generating coach than the MkIID aircon coaches as commissioned and modelled by Murphy Models directly. What type did the Mk11a type require? The MkIII coaches, could they run with any other type of generating coaches apart from a MkIII? Thanks for any assistance, -Rob
  4. Tail lamps on Irish Trains

    Tail lamps on Irish trains - A question or two, or more. In recent times, since the early nineties, I have been observing two tail lamps posted on the rear of Irish trains. What are the rules regarding these tail lamps? Are they lit? Are they both lit? Do they flash, or are they a steady illumination? In early periods of time I have observed in the usual fashion - on various photo sites and on youtube - that only one tail lamp was posted on the rear of the train - when did this change to the norm being a twin red light? I sincerely apologise for the newbie questions, but the google is weak within me today, and no real answers could I divine from the great oracle. Thanks and regards, -Rob
  5. Four Wheeler Timber wagons

    Can anyone post, or point me in the direction of, some pics of the four wheeler timber wagons in service from say, 1990 -> onwards. For most of my work so far, I've been relying on this youtube video: Thanks again, -Rob
  6. Beet wagons, what colour were they?

    I've got a a couple of the Bulleid 'double stacked' beet wagon bodies from Shapeways as a 'try out'.... I've got them all primed... But then... An obvious question stuck me. What colour were they? Where they left in the natural grey galvanised finish? Where they painted red oxide, or was it just rust? The pics I have here don't really make it clear. Can you assist me please? <- another of my winning smiles! -Rob ps ...and YES I will add them to my workbench thread with pics and everything! - I'm looking at you at Anto!
  7. WANTED - LIMA NIR 201 in Blue

    Hello my good fellows! I wonder if anyone has a Lima NIR Blue 201 - either 208 or 209, not fussed either way. What I would like = Mint boxed with all the detailing bits, but will consider any reasonable offer. I can only pay via Paypal but I will of course cover the fees. What have you got? From following Dave's thread, I understand AGO Models picked up a load of these locos, but minus detailing bits - I'd be more than willing to consider a minter of one of these. I'll let this run for a week or so, and then re-assess. ...and yes I do know St Paddy has one on the long finger, the very long finger... Thanks chaps! -Rob
  8. Say I was going shopping for a set of Mk3 coaches, which models should I be looking for to best represent the Irish Mk3s? Lima? Hornby etc? Please be as specific as possible Model numbers if it helps! From a repainting point of view, I was told some are better than others for masking/repainting, which would those be? Thanks for any and all assistance -Rob
  9. Rob's Workbench

    I'm almost embarrassed to start this 'Workbench'. Perhaps it'll serve as an example of 'how not to...' Anywho, on with the bodges: Kibri Dynamic Stabiliser/ballast compacter/whatever(!) One day I was thumbing through youtube and found a machine similar to the above part finished bodge up stationed at Kildare. So without any further excuse being needed, my wanderings went over to ebay and found the appropriate Kibri kit in Deutschland - 35 quid lighter, it arrived three days later. It actually goes together well, with the chassis being straight and true (which was nice...). The kit comes with nylon type wheelsets, but there was a further recommendation in the kit's blurb to use Roco DC metal wheelsets - back to ebay Deutschland and another 15 quid lighter, the wheelsets showed up four days later. The kit was built using Revell's equivalent of Liquid Poly glue, very sparingly. The various highlights where painted in, wipers, hydraulic rams, wheels, lights etc., and that's where it's up to at the moment - awaiting a sharp knife to carve up the transfers for application. -Rob ps Another unfortunate rail-borne victim will be along shortly(!)
  10. I wonder if you fine fellows can assist me? I'm looking for recommendations for reference books that cover the more modern history of the railways of Ireland, say 1980s onwards. Any suggestions would be appreciated. What I already have (not a long or large list!) : European Handbook No.7 Irish Railways: Locomotives and coaching stock - Fox & Pritchard From CIE to IR - The Changing Face of Ireland's Railways - Darby, Higson & Quinlan. ...and that's it so far! Over to you? Regards, -Rob

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