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  1. Walker Diesel Class F - ECMbuild in 4mm for OOn3

    Hi Colin, thank you for the fotos, thats really good information on the topic. Do I get that right: The wohle motor/cogwheel/axle arrangement is no more provided from Michael Chinery? Are there instead any suggestions where to buy what material, i.e. motor, axles, wheels, cogwheels, wormgears? I often changed wheels on existing axles to get vehicles with smaller flanges (RP 25 instead of sth. else) but building a gear on my own seems rather... embarassing. Cheers, Gerhard
  2. Hello, Is there a source on the net or elsewhere where I can get informations about nowadays goodstrains and their normal schedules? I would like to take some photos if possible. Thanks in advance, Gerhard.
  3. Gerhard's Workbench

    Hello all, as I don't want to be counted among those that only talk don't do anything, here some pictures of what I am currently doing. At first, a face lift for Michelle: I used CAWS antennae from SSM, painted the buffer beam in normal red (not in dayglow as delivered from Silverfox), added Window frames (also SSM) a modified (torn) H0fine coupler hook (see H0fine.de), brake pipes made from 0,99 mm guitar string and wipers (also SSM). The lights were drilled trough and fitted with LEDs which is not perfect but it somehow "glows" . The model was RTR from Silverfox but i liked to improve the look. Certainly it can't cope with one of Murphy's but for me its ok. Thats for now. I will add some pictures of the "making of", but need to re-read the forum rules concering the attachment of pictures.
  4. Hi all, on some pictures of 201 class locos two rectangular holes under the marker lights can be found, on others, these holes seem to be closed. There is also a difference in the models, for example on the MM0203 (River Corrib) the holes ar closed, while on MM0220, IE 220, River Blackwater, the holes appear black and open. Could anyone advice me what these holes are for and when they are open or closed? The only technical difference between differen locos of this class I could find so far is the ability for push-pull-service with Mk3-rakes. Is there perhaps a conjunction? BTW: Could the 201 class or any other class besides the 121s work with the suburban Mk3-push-pull formations (as delivered from Silferfox models)? Thanks in advance Gerhard.
  5. What is that? (on an ebay photo)

    Hello all, I found a photo of a loco shed on ebay: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/IRISH-IRELAND-RAILWAY-GNRI-COOTEHILL-ENGINE-SHED-CAVAN-PHOTOGRAPH-/350768693154?pt=UK_Collectables_Railwayana_RL&hash=item51ab717fa2 Can anyone of you tell me what is the thing in front of the shed? Is ist perhaps a cattle bank? This would be a nice situation to model, very compressed. Thanks in advance Gerhard.
  6. Hello, on the site of antics I found a description of the different colours they offer. At the bauxite colour is described that BR hat grey wagons wich were only hand braked and bauxite wagons that were vacuum braked. Now my question is: Do the same regulations also apply to C.I.E.? And in addition: Since when were unbraked wagons piped and would they have been able to bee combined freely with braked ones (as this was for example on mainland Europe)? And at least: If one makes a train of wagons and a brake van: Is the brake van braked manually by the guard or is it braked by vacuum brake through the whole piped train between loco and brakevan? Thanks in advance, Gerhard.
  7. Murphy Models 141/181

    Hi all, yesterday an all new 188 arrived and I could not wait to make the first changes to it. First I had to cut down the bearings for the couplers to allow the bogies to turn with the front closing parts mounted. After that, I looked at the additional parts. Putting in the horns needed a bit of cutting on them, but worked out well. In the package a black mushroom shaped piece of plastic can be found, would anybody please be so glad to tell me where to fit that? Then I opened the case and took a look into it. New questions... I heared about a problem concerning the cab lights when using a "normal" 21 pin decoder. I could not find any cab light LEDs so far. Are they only fitted in the new 071s? Then I took of one of the cab interiors to look after the LEDs for the head lights. In the loco are four of them; one red (SMD), two little white ones (also SMD) (all three for the marker lights) and one really huge one for the two big lamps in the middle of the front (btw: what are they called?) I wanted to replace all white LEDs because I presume in the 1960s no one would have had xenon or LED fitted lights. For the SMD ones this seems to be feasible as they are from the common 0603 shape from which I had ordered a batch for different modelling purposes some weeks ago. The huge one is of a unknown design to me, a square base and a round head. Did anyone already make an attempt to change these LED to more yellowish ones and if so, which ones could be used? Another question is about the 181s in more modern IR livery. With the model I have two antennas are delivered. Alas i could not find any foto showing where to put them (btw: the above mentioned mushroom shaped thing is orange in this case). Any help is much appreciated. Cheers, Gerhard.
  8. Hello all, I now know it's a bit late, but does anyone of you have a 181 class 183 (IR point logos, dayglo panels, wheathered) for sale in new or similar condition (no damages, no cement on the body, no missing parts)? As I live in Germany I alas can not collect it in Ireland, so international shipping is needed. I would appreciate any offers with reasonable prices, please also note the shipping costs. An alternative would be 141 class 143 (also IR point logos an dayglo panels but not wheathered), but that was only my second choice. Thanks in advance Gerhard.
  9. Theme has expired, no more help needed, sorry to have posted here too early, thanks.
  10. Bachmann silver series coaches

    Hello, some years ago, Bachmann edited green coaches with flying snail in his silver series. Could anyone tell me whether they are prototypical? Thanks in advance, Gerhard.
  11. SSM brakevan

    Hi all, as I promised to try to post pictures, I now show you the result of my sundays work. These are my first steps to assemble an SSM etched brass kit I bought at Raheny. I had no experience in soldering such Kits so I thougt this rather square object would be a great opportunity to improve my skills. I surely will not solder all parts, but until now soldering worked quite well after the I could manage not to burn my fingers . I will update this thread when there will be visible progress on the project. Cheers, Gerhard. BTW: The platform etch is not yet fixed but only loosely put in.

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