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  1. Jimbo325ci

    Popeye's Workbench

    That is outrageous! Mighty work Popeye!
  2. Jimbo325ci

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Agreed about the experimenting and learning - as long as you have patience it is very enjoyable. I don’t have the room for a layout so building is the part I enjoy for now, and I’ve recently discovered audiobooks which I play in the background! What filler are you using? I’d be inclined to get some perfect plastic putty to the sides where you’ve already filled just to give a smooth finish. Once you get the paint on there that bit of roughness will stand out I think. I’ve borrowed the double doors from a Bachman BSK which I was planning on using for 3185 to ease the process much like you are suggesting! Will either find another donor or scratch the replacements for 3185. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the build!
  3. Jimbo325ci

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    It’s coming along nicely Noel. I am using the same donor for 3173. Im sure you are aware but those brass sides have an additional set of double doors which aren’t on the RPSI coach. Maybe you could liberate the brass grills for use with the Bachman though?!
  4. Jimbo325ci

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Nice work Noel! I’m working on the maroon gsv myself - lots of cut and shut! I’m starting to resent the fill, sand, fill sand, prime, fill sand routine lol
  5. Jimbo325ci

    Blue Cravens coaches

    I would be interested in the kit too Des. Although I wouldn’t be so keen on the brass sides - the rest of the bits sound good especially if there are separate window surrounds. Halfway through the maroon GSV conversion at the min but window frames are an issue
  6. Jimbo325ci

    RPSI Cravens (Set of 3)

    They do look great, Sent my order in last week - looking forward to getting them!
  7. Hi all, just wanted to say Thank you to those who filled out the questionnaire. I had over 200 responses in the end. After 2 years of study it’s now over (finally), passed with merit which I’m very pleased with. My paper has been submitted to an aviation conference in Atlanta next year, so all going well an adapted version might get published! Hopefully a little bit of modelling will start again!
  8. Thank you to all who completed and shared. Ive had 199 responses so far which is great! Now to get stuck in and write 10,000 (meaningful) words on the topic..........
  9. Hey fellas, Im currently doing a Masters Degree in Human Factors in Aviation. Im almost done, just need to get over the hardest bit - my thesis! The purpose of the study is to explore attitudes toward the use of handheld laser pointers directed at aircraft. I would really appreciate if you had a few minutes to fill out my questionnaire - the more replies the better so feel free to share with friends and family.... Heres the link : https://coventry.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/thesis-survey Thanks in advance Jamie
  10. Jimbo325ci

    Train journeys around the world

    I did the Transiberian Railway in 2004. Started in Moscow, stopped in Irkutsk, Siberia, then Mongolia and finally Beijing, China. Unbelievable experience.
  11. Jimbo325ci

    Junctionmads Workbench

  12. Jimbo325ci

    Class A ECMCHAS for Silver Fox Model

    Coming along nicely. Looking forward to the final product
  13. Nice work! A battleship is on my to do list. I remember building HMS Belfast as a kid. If you are on Facebook, check out Chris floodberg ship models. His builds are brilliant but his seascapes are the best I've ever seen.
  14. For me it depends on 2 things: 1. Will each wagon be weathered identically? If yes then I would rather have them clean. 2. Will it significantly add to the price?

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