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  1. Popeye's Workbench

    That is outrageous! Mighty work Popeye!
  2. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Agreed about the experimenting and learning - as long as you have patience it is very enjoyable. I don’t have the room for a layout so building is the part I enjoy for now, and I’ve recently discovered audiobooks which I play in the background! What filler are you using? I’d be inclined to get some perfect plastic putty to the sides where you’ve already filled just to give a smooth finish. Once you get the paint on there that bit of roughness will stand out I think. I’ve borrowed the double doors from a Bachman BSK which I was planning on using for 3185 to ease the process much like you are suggesting! Will either find another donor or scratch the replacements for 3185. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the build!
  3. Kingsbridge - workbench

    It’s coming along nicely Noel. I am using the same donor for 3173. Im sure you are aware but those brass sides have an additional set of double doors which aren’t on the RPSI coach. Maybe you could liberate the brass grills for use with the Bachman though?!
  4. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Nice work Noel! I’m working on the maroon gsv myself - lots of cut and shut! I’m starting to resent the fill, sand, fill sand, prime, fill sand routine lol
  5. Blue Cravens coaches

    I would be interested in the kit too Des. Although I wouldn’t be so keen on the brass sides - the rest of the bits sound good especially if there are separate window surrounds. Halfway through the maroon GSV conversion at the min but window frames are an issue
  6. Hey fellas, Im currently doing a Masters Degree in Human Factors in Aviation. Im almost done, just need to get over the hardest bit - my thesis! The purpose of the study is to explore attitudes toward the use of handheld laser pointers directed at aircraft. I would really appreciate if you had a few minutes to fill out my questionnaire - the more replies the better so feel free to share with friends and family.... Heres the link : https://coventry.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/thesis-survey Thanks in advance Jamie
  7. Vallejo Primer troubles

    Hey Guys Vallejo and many other people suggest using them straight from the bottle, just increase the air pressure. I've tried this and even using a .5mm needle/nozzle the airbrush clogs almost instantly, or spits the paint out. Anyone have any hands on experience and if so do you suffer the same probs? Thanks Jamie
  8. 4 wheel wagons

    Hey, Can anyone tell me what width the 4 wheel wagons such as bubbles/ballast etc should be? Thanks Jamie
  9. Railway Building plans

    I was wondering if and where it is possible to get the plans of railway related structures such as signal boxes, goods/cement sheds, station buildings etc I see plans in UK/US magazines all the time and wondered if we had the same access to Irish stuff? Thanks in advance!
  10. Jamies Workbench

    This will be a slow thread I'm afraid! Being new to this, I have no modelling equipment whatsoever. So I've ordered stuff like filler, styrene sheets, wagon kits etc. I got impatient while waiting so thought I would make a start on a loco shed. It's more an experiment in card modelling - trying to find the best ways to join things, cut things etc. it's not brilliant but certainly great for learning, and pretty easy to replace with a better variation once I've got the hang of it.... Front Rear Variety of Scalescenes textures used on the walls so far.
  11. New member saying hello

    Hey, I've been lurking around on this forum for a while now, some great reading and advice available. Anyway a quick introduction, like many I had a hornby train set as a kid - class 08 with a few wagons. I found it recently in my parents attic and thought I'd take a look, and 20 years later it still goes.....I was amazed. Ive been living in dubai for the last 2 years, and was home at christmas, so picked up a few model train magazines. afterwards, i decided to take a spin into cork and take a look in Marks models and see what was around. There I saw (and bought) an 071 freight livery #071. Since then I've been reading about modelling and have decided I'd like to try my hand at it. Well actually I've been addicted, much to herselfs distress!! Since then I've picked up a few dapol oil tankers to convert, some old school kinder eggs to try and make cement bubbles, some uk mk3s and a few other bits and pieces. Also thanks to a friend in Ennis I picked up MM146 & 177, and Wrenneire sorted me with 184 & 187 last week. Westhy here has also fixed me up with some detailing kits and transfers. Thanks guys. On the wishlist are some Cravens, mark2's and some IE liveried 071s. It's not a cheap hobby........ I haven't really started anything yet - living here in Dubai, I don't have access to model shops. So I've ordered a dose of stuff like fillers, razor saw, styrene sheet etc. I'm expecting them soon and then the work can crack on. I'm living in an apartment so I'm not sure ill have space for much of a layout. Regardless I'm going to do a small diorama to practice scenery laying etc. If anyone has any suggestions for a little track plan for a 3 or 4 foot area I'd love some ideas - even just to run the trains a little bit. Looking forward to getting started on the oil tankers - if anyone can help with where I should cut down the chassis it'd be greatly appreciated. Ill post photos of my work once it gets underway. Regards Jamie

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