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  1. skinner75

    New Irish Railway Models Website

    Same problem here - PM sent
  2. skinner75

    Inchicore was never like this....

    Well, maybe he'll scrap the lot instead for the steel to make another tower block - save him having to buy in cheap Chinese steel! 😉
  3. skinner75

    Kingsbridge - Kadee + coupling conversions

    A great thread full of info - should definetely be 'stickied' so it stays close to the top of the Workbench section for future reference
  4. skinner75

    Popeye's Workbench

    Lovely job on both the wagon & the container!
  5. skinner75

    Nostalgia lane

    I remember the very same about the gangways when I was a kid - late 70s/early 80s. Loved it! I can remember the first day of the Dart - probably the only thing I liked about the Dart was pushing the button after it lit up to open the doors!
  6. skinner75

    Inchicore was never like this....

    Ah sure 'The Donald' will sort that out - don't you know he's going to make America great again?
  7. skinner75

    Luas Breakdown

    Didn't people bash the Dart before it was launched?
  8. I heard one lad in the canteen today recounting his tale to others of how on Saturday, he got into his car 'just to go for a drive'. Utter gobshite. He went on to say how he couldn't even get out of his estate. Midlands based I think.
  9. skinner75

    AddressPal - New Home Delivery option

    Just bear in mind that it isn't an insured service. They managed to lose a watch on my dad - got successfully delivered to Addresspal in St. Albans, but then disappeared
  10. skinner75

    New rtr De Dietrich coaches

    were they ever even made?
  11. skinner75

    141 Gauge N

    Looking good!
  12. skinner75

    141 Gauge N

    Very nice - I'll be looking forward to future posts on this thread!
  13. skinner75

    The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    Yep - same here. Very enjoyable watching to round off the weekend. Simple idea running the loco backwards up the hill to stop the water going into the cylinders. I like seeing the problems, and how they overcome them
  14. skinner75

    Russian bear v pc-9

    You gotta love the Russians playing with the UK like that - hail hail!!
  15. skinner75

    The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    Judging by the state of the loco in the picture, it had more than a couple of 'offs' over the course of the trip!

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