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    LIMA Murphy Models

    That's simply amazing. Superb modelling 👍👍👍👍👍
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    eBay Watch

    I'll swap you for an early vintage coconut cream, Guaranteed mint & uneaten ☺️
  3. amdaley

    eBay Watch

    Dream on 🙄
  4. amdaley

    Irish railway books for sale

    Cheers Fran. Trust me to get it wrong 🙄 Tony.
  5. amdaley

    Irish railway books for sale

    Not to worry. Sent it yesterday morning but the internet wasn't great here yesterday so probably got lost in the great out there. Books I was interested in are gone now anyway. Maybe the next time.
  6. amdaley

    Irish railway books for sale

    PM sent.
  7. Hello.

    I'm interested in the following.

    Can we make a deal ?

    Limerick and Kerry Railway

    The North Kerry Line 

    Rails Through North Kerry


    Tony Daly.


  8. amdaley

    Photographic Website Updates

    Beautiful photograph 👍
  9. Hi George. I have never had the set on a track but I can see no indication of lights in the Pullmans. Price €115 + €10 postage. Regards. Tony.
  10. Hello Everyone. For sale is a Hornby R2598M. LNER “Queen of Scots” Train Pack. Mint Unused. DCC Ready. Contains LNER 4-6-2 Class A1 “Gladiator” loco plus three Pullman cars. Limited edition with certificate No 1210 of 1500 made. Locomotive chassis driven. DCC ready. Complete with all Paperwork & Detail pack in Excellent box. Box opened only to check contents & take photographs. £100 plus £10 postage to anywhere in the UK or Ireland. Part of my personal collection. Any questions please ask. I will post to Europe & the World but please ask for a postal quote before bidding. This item has been sold
  11. Hello Everyone. For sale is a Hornby R2600M. GWR “Cheltenham Flyer” Mint Boxed Train Pack Set. Limited edition with certificate No 0355 of 1500 made. Loco chassis driven. DCC Ready. Contains GWR “Tregenna Castle” No 5006 plus three GWR Coaches in Chocolate & Cream livery. This set is mint unused & is part of my personal collection. Contains all paperwork & Detail packs. Excellent box. £100 plus £10 postage to anywhere in the UK or Ireland. Any questions please ask. I will post to Europe & the World but please ask for a postal quote before bidding.
  12. Hello Everyone. For sale is a Hornby R2373 Silver Fox Train Pack. 2004. Dcc ready. Contains LNER “Silver Fox” No 2512 Silver Grey loco plus three Gresley LNER Teak Coaches. Limited edition with certificate No 0913 of 1500. Excellent condition with all Paperwork, Detail bag etc. Loco driven. Dcc Ready. Excellent condition box. Part of my personal collection. £125.00 plus £10.00 postage to anywhere in the UK or Ireland. I will post to Europe & the World but please ask for a postal quote before bidding. Postage to European & World countries by registered signed for postage only. Thank you for looking.
  13. Hello Everyone. For sale is a Hornby R2297D Br Class 110 3 Car DMU set. Contains E51838 + E59700 + E51817 In BR Green. Excellent used condition. Complete with all Paperwork & detail pack including destination blinds. Excellent box. Part of my personal collection. £60 plus £10 postage to anywhere in the UK or Ireland. Any questions please ask. I will post to Europe & the World but please ask for a postal quote before bidding. Postage to European & World countries by registered signed for postage only. Thank you for looking.
  14. Hello Everyone. For sale is a Hornby R2172 LMS 4-4-0 Class 2P Train Pack (Kays) Contains Black LMS Class 2P 4-4-0 No 634 plus three LMS maroon Coaches. Limited Edition with certificate no 0670 of 1250 made. Excellent condition with all Paperwork. Excellent condition box. Part of my personal collection. £75 plus £10 postage to anywhere in the UK or Ireland. Any questions please ask. I will post to Europe & the World but please ask for a postal quote before bidding. Postage to European & World countries by registered signed for postage only. Thank you for looking.
  15. amdaley

    eBay Watch

    The two bidders had very low feedback (less that 100) so maybe he's just lucky that every time he posts something sellers like this turn up ? I know I've never been that lucky
  16. Hello Everyone. After looking through my stock I have the following for sale. All are new unused unless stated otherwise. Murphy Models "Craven" Coaches. I have eight in total for sale. No 1523 Standard x 2. No 1508 Snack cars x 2. No 1521 Standard. No 1529 Standard. No 1533 Standard. No 1544 Standard. All are new, Never used or out of their boxes. I am looking for €275 for all eight including postage to anywhere in Ireland. Or €35 each + €5 postage to anywhere in Ireland. Postage to the UK or Europe please ask for a quote. Any questions please ask.
  17. Sorry but these are long gone. Just forgot to update the thread. Tony.
  18. amdaley

    CIE Dmu's ?

    Hello Everyone. Perhaps someone can help me with this. As a kid in Cork I remember CIE Dmu's leaving the station next to the City Hall bound for Bantry I think ? Can anyone tell me the model of there dmu's & is there a 4mm model available anywhere ? It would have been around 1960 ? I understand that there is a book available Diesel Dawn Ireland's Contribution to the Development of the DMU 1931-1967 However I haven't been able to find a copy. Perhaps someone can help ? Thanks everyone.
  19. Hi Everyone. I have for sale a Gaugemaster OO/HO Tension Lock Uncoupler. Bought it some years ago but never out of the packet. Here's the Gaugemaster pdf which explains how it works. http://www.gaugemaster.com/instructions/tlu.pdf €10 including Ireland postage. Payment by Paypal (Friends & family / Gift) Thanks for looking. Tony.
  20. Hello Everyone. The Story of a Layout. Before I begin I must advise that this is a rather long story so I would suggest getting a coffee or a six pack from the fridge before you start. About five or six years ago with a lot of encouragement from my partner I got back to railway modelling after a long time away from the hobby. In my younger days I had a couple of layouts but then life got in the way & the models were stored away. Having spent all my life in Cork I now found myself living in South West Kerry where railway modelers are as rare as a Kerry man with a hurley in his hand. If any modelers from the South West see this please make contact. Next job was where to put any proposed layout. There was the loft which although it has a stairs leading to it & a floor of sorts also has those v joists which stop the roof from falling in. I really don’t like these but it would have been too expensive to get rid of them. We live in a split level bungalow because the site where it was built is sloped. The downstairs portion was a converted garage, a laundry room & a store / junk room with bare walls, a hole in the floor which filled up with water every time there was heavy rain & a rock face from the foundation because as I said the site is sloped. About this time I had laid a slab of concrete at the side of the house for another project. By some miracle this stopped that hole in the floor that I mentioned earlier from filling up with water so things were looking up. I didn't mention that this store / junk room was piled up to the ceiling with junk which had to be sorted / dumped. Being on good terms with the resident planning officer I stole / borrowed about 10 ft from the laundry room, knocked a wall & leveled out the floor because the laundry room floor is about 6” lower than my proposed layout room. I filled the hole in the floor, slabbed the walls with 2” kingspan type insulation with foil on one side & plaster slab on the other. I also slabbed the ceiling because the floor joists from upstairs didn't look very nice. The ceiling & walls were painted & a few boxes of cheap laminate flooring took care of the floor area. After all this I was left with a very nice cosy room of 23ft x 9ft & so layout planning began in earnest. By this stage I had got hold of every book of model railway plans published since the beginning of time & the search began. I needed a plan where I could get something running in a reasonable time before I lost the urge & eventually settled on this plan from one of Freezers earlier plan books. Layout Plan. Below is generally the plan I set out with but certain little changes have occurred as the build went on. End Layout Plan.bmp I had decided that I wanted to keep the floor as clear as possible of baseboard legs etc so I decided to cantilever the baseboard support from the walls using this type of support bolted into the walls. Picture of Supports. I decided that I would use an open top type of baseboard with the track bed supported on cleats from the framework. Picture of Open Top Baseboard & Trackbed. Baseboard & baseboard support construction method that I used. The cantilevered supports are 3 x 2. The baseboard framework & the cleats supporting the track beds are 3 x 1. All track beds are 3/8” / 10mm ply except for a very short piece of MDF because I had nothing else in stock at the time (never again because it bends to easily). The track is laid on thin cork which I bought in rolls & cut to size. Scenery & scenery supports. Scenery like hills etc was constructed by fixing pieces of ply to the walls & than using rabbit / lettuce wire to support the grass rocks etc. The wire was covered with plaster bandage & then painted with a plaster mix of hardwall plaster mixed with water & emulsion paint so that any that got knocked or damaged would have a brown colour instead of the usual white. Most of the grass used which you will see in my next postaing is teddy bear fur which I bought from the UK. I trimmed it a bit because it was too high. I then dyed it in a bucket filled with a mix of water & green emulsion paint, squeezed it out & left it on the floor to dry. I found that using a dehumidifier in the room helped greatly with the drying. When dry it was stuck to the hills where needed with thick PVA glue which is often used to bond laminate flooring boards together. Rock faces are coloured plaster again mixed using emulsion paint & water. Track & Electrics. As I mentioned earlier track & points are Peco code 100. Points are electro frog type. Crossings are not available as electro frog in code 100 so I used code 75 crossings. The only difference is the rail height in code 100 is higher so the code 75 crossings where needed are laid on a piece of card on top of the cork base. Points are controlled by various methods. Some points are controlled by piano wire & a sliding switch which is used to switch the frog polarity. Others are controlled using DCC Concepts smart switches which work well but which I found finicky to set up. I bought some at the time because they were supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread but they aren’t always totally reliable. All point motors are solenoid type like Peco or Seep. If I had to start again I would use something like Tortoise slow motion types but I used the solenoid types because I had lots of them in stock. All points are controlled from local switch boards & panels. I use this method because I like to be close to the trains as they run. Wiring. I have run two DCC bus wire around under the layout with droppers soldered to every piece of track. The main DCC bus wires are 32/0.2 & the droppers are 16/0.2. I use suitcase type connectors to join the dropper wires to the main DCC bus wires. These suitcase connectors work well provided you use the correct size for the cable you are using. Its also important to use the correct tools for the job. So far I’ve had no failures. I have no central control panel because I can control everything locally using the wireless system. Ballasting. The ballast I use is a mixture of Woodland Scenics Fine & Medium Grey. The method of fixing the ballast is a method I picked up from a modeller in Australia. This method was given to me by Richard Johnson of DCC Concepts fame. The method involves a mixture of Meths, Water & PVA glue. It’s very easy to use & always works even though it might be a bit scary when you first try it. If anyone would like a copy of this method just send me your e mail address in a pm & I will forward it to you. When I began I decided that I would use Peco code 100 points & track because it was my intention to run some older items of stock which I had from all those years ago. Eventually I sold off most of the old stuff but by then I had most of the track I needed for the layout & so was stuck with code 100 so to speak. If I had my time back I would use code 75 which is neater in appearance but doesn't take kindly to older wheel profiles. DCC System Control. I run DCC & my system is the NCE Power Pro wireless system. Being wireless I can walk around the layout as I please which is why I also use local panels to control the track points. I bought the NCE system at the start & I have never had any problem with it. Here is a photo on one of my local point control panels. Railway Modelling to me is a hobby not a chore so I don’t spend more than a few hours a week at the layout. The result of this of course is that the layout has gone on for five or six years now but so what. I have other interests as well so the modelling never gets tiring or boring. What I will show over time is a series of photos taken from the start which will show the progress or lack off on the layout up to the present day. Well that’s the story of the efforts of a modeller in South West Kerry. I know there’s still a lot to do but I’m in no hurry. I decided to put my experiences down on paper after discovering this Irish Modellers forum recently & visiting George at Marks Models in Cork. I was lucky enough to be at the last modeller’s night which George held at the shop on a monthly basis. Unfortunately George has now moved on but I was fortunate at least to catch his last demo evening which was on Airbrushing. I have an airbrush myself but have only just begun to use it now. George’s evening gave me the confidence to start using it. So far I have only used it to weather the track & ballast but its great fun. This covers 2008. The next time I will post photos from 2009. I have just built an over track signal box based on the Midland one which stood at Barton Street in Gloucester but I will put that in a separate posting later on when I get a few photos together. If I missed anything or if anyone would like to ask any questions then please feel free to ask away.
  21. amdaley

    The Story of My Layout (Part 1)

    Its been a long time since I posted anything on this thread so I will show some photos of where the layout is now. Still a lot to do but I'm in no rush.
  22. amdaley

    Hornby (Austria) Points etc FREE

    These items now have a new home.
  23. Hi Everyone. While cleaning out some of my stuff yesterday I came across a quantity of old Hornby Points, Curves,Power connecting tracks, Uncoupling ramps etc. There are 18 points plus all the other stuff. They are pretty old being the Hornby made in Austria type. All the points work & the other stuff is good but needs cleaning & some tlc. If anyone wants them free just pm me. They are pretty heavy & all i want for them is the cost of postage which will be €10 to anywhere in Ireland. Paypal gift payment will be fine. Regards. Tony.
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    Bargain Watch

    Wishful thinking
  25. amdaley

    Kirley's Projects

    Congratulations Kieran on the level of skill you have shown us all. I know I can only sit & admire your dedication & skill. You truly have a gift. Long may it continue. Very well done.

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