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  1. The Derry Road


    Noel, this is made from Peco points and is one piece, the joints and I can only see two, are difficult to spot. The builder makes different varations as well as taking commissions for other configurations, TDR
  2. The Derry Road


    LISNEAL ROAD Hi everybody Just a quick update as track laying should start very shortly on the layout, I have had this point work expertly constructed for me and its been tested on DC and DCC and works perfectly. Very pleased with the workmanship, this will also save about 5 inches on the length should I had used separate points. Its total length is 465mm and also been constructed to Peco centres at 51mm. The difference can be seen in the pictures of the compactness of this piece of work
  3. The Derry Road


    Hi All. Quick up date on Lisneal Road Layout Some pictures of the track components in place on two of the boards to test the look and make sure it all fits. Folding legs are currently under construction, and will be fixed in place with the back scene boards. Actual laying of the track hopefully will begin by the end of the month.
  4. The Derry Road


    LISNEAL ROAD A new layout in 4mm scale on three base boards each measuring 4ft long and 1ft 8ins wide having a double track approach from fiddle yard to platforms 1 & 2 with sidings into a loco depot having a 3 road maintenance shed, a two road shed for body repairs and painting, fuelling point and wash area and stabling point, The third board not shown is the storage roads.TDR
  5. The Derry Road

    Rachelstown and St Stephens Green

    Hi all Its been a while since I have been on here to contribute, just over a year. But Im back and hopefully puting up some progress on the layout and announcing a new layout called "Lisneal Road". Its size is 12ft long x 1ft 8ins wide, featuring DCC sound, consisting of double track approach into two Platforms and loco servicing yard Rachelstown and St stephens green, is coming on and will remain in its fixed position where as Lisneal Road will be portable and hopefully open to exhibition invitations when complete, I will be opening a new thread for Lisneal Road shortly for anyone to view the track plan and follow its building progress. TDR
  6. The Derry Road

    Modelrail Glasgow.

    Totally agree Noel, Your first picture, i thought this a very detailed layout, great to meet up with yourself, Kirley, Hunslett 102, Dhu Varren and a few others, missed the chance to talk to IRM reps but still purchased 12 of their superb wagons, looking forward to and planning next years visit. Highly recommended show
  7. The Derry Road

    Tara Junction.

    Some great shots Noel. Always a treat to see the different angles of the rolling stock. Brilliant, well done TDR
  8. The Derry Road

    Tara Junction.

    Noel superb as always, keep up the good work I have a question if I may, where did you get the irish rail billboards displayed on you layout? Regards TDR
  9. The Derry Road

    Rachelstown and St Stephens Green

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments TDR
  10. The Derry Road

    Rachelstown and St Stephens Green

    Hi all having made the change to DCC I decided to change the cumbersome black box control panel, below are the new slim line perspex facias that will replace it.
  11. The Derry Road

    Bantry Town Station 1950's

    Superb modelling, very realistic, well done TDR
  12. The Derry Road

    Daryl's Workbench

    super job well done TDR
  13. The Derry Road

    Return of Model Irish Railways

    Nelson, I don't know if he has any plans to go on line with his range, but the wagons planned for release/reintroduction are 1, Tara mines wagon-due end February 2017 2, Ammonia tanker, mk2 version with lighter resin tank. 3, Fertliiser wagon 4, Bogie cement wagon No further info at this time There is more than one supplier out there, and if there is a market, some one will produce.TDR
  14. The Derry Road

    Return of Model Irish Railways

    Nelson I got a letter accompanying a transfer catalogue form Ian a few months ago, He is to be trading from the same address and phone number. Catalogue shows the same range of transfers, name plates and some accessories. he is also reintroducing some of the wagons. TDR
  15. The Derry Road

    Kirley junction

    Well put Noel + 1 TDR

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