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    Modelling in Irish railways for many years


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    all aspects of irish railways north and south, oil painting, kit building and DIY


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  1. The Derry Road

    Modelrail Glasgow.

    Totally agree Noel, Your first picture, i thought this a very detailed layout, great to meet up with yourself, Kirley, Hunslett 102, Dhu Varren and a few others, missed the chance to talk to IRM reps but still purchased 12 of their superb wagons, looking forward to and planning next years visit. Highly recommended show
  2. The Derry Road

    Tara Junction.

    Some great shots Noel. Always a treat to see the different angles of the rolling stock. Brilliant, well done TDR
  3. The Derry Road

    Tara Junction.

    Noel superb as always, keep up the good work I have a question if I may, where did you get the irish rail billboards displayed on you layout? Regards TDR
  4. The Derry Road

    Rachelstown and St Stephens Green

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments TDR
  5. The Derry Road

    Rachelstown and St Stephens Green

    Hi all having made the change to DCC I decided to change the cumbersome black box control panel, below are the new slim line perspex facias that will replace it.
  6. The Derry Road

    Bantry Town Station 1950's

    Superb modelling, very realistic, well done TDR
  7. The Derry Road

    Daryl's Workbench

    super job well done TDR
  8. The Derry Road

    Return of Model Irish Railways

    Nelson, I don't know if he has any plans to go on line with his range, but the wagons planned for release/reintroduction are 1, Tara mines wagon-due end February 2017 2, Ammonia tanker, mk2 version with lighter resin tank. 3, Fertliiser wagon 4, Bogie cement wagon No further info at this time There is more than one supplier out there, and if there is a market, some one will produce.TDR
  9. The Derry Road

    Return of Model Irish Railways

    Nelson I got a letter accompanying a transfer catalogue form Ian a few months ago, He is to be trading from the same address and phone number. Catalogue shows the same range of transfers, name plates and some accessories. he is also reintroducing some of the wagons. TDR
  10. The Derry Road

    Kirley junction

    Well put Noel + 1 TDR
  11. The Derry Road

    First Bangor MRC Exhibition

    Enjoyed the exhibition at Bangor albeit much the same as last year, met up with Kieran and had a brief chat with MikeO. He had a cement train on display which caught my eye, quite impressed Mike. Visited “Campbell Riverside” layout belonging to Irishmail of this parish but missed John, he must had been on a break. To top the day off I got the opportunity of seeing Kirley Junction running. What a treat to see such superb modelling skills on display on a layout that catches your eye no matter which way you turn to view it. Kieran, thanks again for your hospitality TDR
  12. The Derry Road

    flux for soldering

    As a qualified heating engineer with many many years expeience the use of plumbers flux is suitable to use with caution, it contains an acid that becomes very active when heated, it must be thourghly cleaned after use otherwise it will start turning bright green and eventually corode the material TDR
  13. The Derry Road

    Removing Paint

    rinse throughly with cold water then wash with luke warm soapy water, and dry well. TDR:-bd never tried the fluid on resin
  14. The Derry Road

    First Bangor MRC Exhibition

    any fourm members attending on Saturday, TDR:trains:
  15. The Derry Road

    Tara Junction.

    Nice shot Noel TDR:tumbsup:

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