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  1. Modelrail Glasgow.

    Totally agree Noel, Your first picture, i thought this a very detailed layout, great to meet up with yourself, Kirley, Hunslett 102, Dhu Varren and a few others, missed the chance to talk to IRM reps but still purchased 12 of their superb wagons, looking forward to and planning next years visit. Highly recommended show
  2. Tara Junction.

    Some great shots Noel. Always a treat to see the different angles of the rolling stock. Brilliant, well done TDR
  3. Tara Junction.

    Noel superb as always, keep up the good work I have a question if I may, where did you get the irish rail billboards displayed on you layout? Regards TDR
  4. For Sale Twin Track Transformer Controller with Simulation for ‘N’, ‘OO’, and most small Gauges. The simulator can be switched on or off as required. £80 + £10P&P Sterling. PM if anyone interested
  5. Hi All I’ve taken the plunge into DCC and will be converting the control of the layout shortly along with some locos. Any advice/tips on decoder selection (sound/non sound) wiring, running etc., is welcome. My head is buzzing from reading manuals in choosing which system. My choice of system is Gaugemaster prodigy Advance2, based on cost, future upgrading although I only run three locos at any one time and this model may be sufficient to cope with power wise. Will post updates on progress TDR
  6. The Derry Road Workshops

    Hi all and a warm welcome to the work shop. Over the next few weeks I will be relocating all thats required, benches and work stations, spraying booth, shelves, tools etc, its the ground floor of my garage complete with electricity, house phone link and wifi. I have a space of 16ft by 22ft to operate in, my old place as some members have seen was a 8ft x 6ft shed. I hope to scratch build various wagons and other items that may be of interest to some forum members. First on the bench will be the curtian sided cement van, constructing a rake of at least 16. Thats the introduction over, watch this space for updates. TDR
  7. Strabane Model Railway Club

    I've noticed in the 2016 Hornby Dealer Directory, that includes clubs and Societies, there is a model railway club listed in Strabane, Co Tyrone Is anyone aware of their existence/contacts etc any information would be appreciated. TDR
  8. Coupling multiple sets of DMU

    Hi Gang has anybody coupled two or more sets of the Bachmann DMUs to run as one unit, I would be interested to know how its done or if anyone has any suggestions I would be greatful to hear or try out their method. Thanks in anticipition TDR
  9. Ulster Model Railway Club

    Anyone going to the Ulster Model Railway Club show in Carrickfergus on 22/23rd August. TDR
  10. Ulster Model Railway Club

    Sorry wrong thread selected, see what's on
  11. creating running river-water

    Fellow modellers, I'm seeking information on ways and or methods on creating a flowing river. Any info, suggestions or experiences would be helpful TDR
  12. Hi all I'm currently building a new layout and thought the progress may be of interest to forum members, I've tried to attach pictures of the progress (hopefully it has worked) to show its current stage. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13861[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13861[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13861[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13861[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13861[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13861[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13861[/ATTACH]

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