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  1. Junctionmad

    Fry Model Railway

    pity its not O gauge
  2. Junctionmad

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    chaps , I just realised that I have to reactivate my IrishRailModels account , but the link from 15/5 fails with " password reset error " ? dave WMRC
  3. Junctionmad

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    well done lads , the missing link with some plough on order, just about to reserve some flats and a several A's , 2019, is going to be expensive ......, digging another well ... Dave WMRC
  4. Junctionmad

    IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    is there a solution to acquiring the older bogie for the 42 foot container flat ? dave
  5. Junctionmad

    Weedspraying Train - South wexford Line

    Next Wednesday , at 9am The weedsprayer will leave Rosslare strand for Waterford . This has been indicated to be the last train movement to be seen on the Rosslare Strand to Waterford line,
  6. Junctionmad

    Oxford Rail MK111 Coaches

    I Would have thought guys , since the news of Oxfords Mk3s isnt new, its been on the go since late 2015 , that it would have been very unlikely for IRM to then consider it, especially as the Hornby one also exists , strange you would have considered it dave
  7. Junctionmad

    Oxford Rail MK111 Coaches

    Interesting , while there are rumours are froth, Ive not seen any Oxford Rail announcement that they are actually going to do irish Rails variants , in fact they havent even confirmed they are doing the Chiltern auto plug door variant which was derived from CIE engineering efforts . They are at Model rail Scotland , so Ill ask them there directly P I know they said stuff at warley , but nothing has ever made it to their web site dave Isnt the Hornby one current as well.
  8. Junctionmad

    More on CIE livery 1980s Tan , yellow, orange

    just to avoid confusion, International bans on materials are a result of EU and UN internationally agreed agreements, they Royal Mail has largely no say in the matter Domestic shipments are within the Royal mails prevue Enamel paint is a solvent based paint , The Royal Mail will not send enamel paints domestically or internationally The problem is most domestic UK shipments that are solvent based are therefore sent using couriers, which is cheap enough on mainland UK , but more expensive to Northern Ireland and of course even more expensive to ROI Hence you need to use AddressPal and not Parcel Motel, it should be pointed out that AN post have the same regulations, its just that they dont check what they receive from the courier in AddressPal in the UK and have no way of knowing whats in the parcel. Its not that its legal to do it that way
  9. Junctionmad

    42ft Container flat - 3D FUD

    SSM do a Y33 Bogie side frame
  10. Junctionmad

    Omagh GNRi station

    hi Tony , I hope you never try and build that design exercise , RailModeller ( express or Pro ) is quite crap at laying down proper flexitrack curves and you end up with the nonsense it generates as you can see , There are radiii on your track plan that look as small as 1 foot, or less, Its quite terrible design program for flexitrack , often you couldnt build what it designs
  11. received mine today , hope to order a few more after christmas beautiful models guys absolutely exquisite , a real standard bearer, have a rest over christmas dave
  12. Junctionmad

    21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    nowhere near enough demand for someone like PECO to touch it, it took them 20 years to bring out a 00 bullhead rail with more or less correct sleepering
  13. thats good enough for me , anyway I have 9 on order !
  14. I think the issue here is that in practice and for anyone like Noel or me for that matter, who remembers the orange bubbles, I never saw the chassis in that colour grey, it was always quite dark , so I suspect the issue is between a factory finish colour ( CIE factory finish) and ones memory of the real thing . I cant comment on the grey cause I have no memory of ever seeing that colour, but thats not to say thats what came out of the factory The only one Ive seen of new orange bubbles is this one and its B&W
  15. Junctionmad

    21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    yes I buy the ply in A4 sheets on eBay, I think theres big gap in the options between 21mm at whatever flange way gap , and PECO code 75. Once you move away from 00 , theres a lot of work , and especially so in 21mm as many items cant easily be extended to take the wider axles . Building large amounts of plain track by hand is fairly soul destroying

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