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  1. Blaine

    Hattons deliveries (issue resolved)

    Ring them, far easier, they have a call centre full of people, Ive ordered lots of stuff from them via email and webshop without a problem
  2. Blaine

    RIP Jim Bayle

    Funeral Details are here - https://rip.ie/showdn.php?dn=356533/James (Jim)BAYLE/Ballinteer/Dublin
  3. Blaine

    North Down Model Show

    So you turned up AFTER the show had opened to the public to set up? The organisers had requested that each exhibitor inform them when they would be arriving, either Friday evening or early Saturday morning, yet it appears you disregarded their instructions to be ready 10 minutes before the doors opened. Also why moan about it on here, after the show had ended? The organisers were on hand for the show and were happy and helpful for any issues to hand. This is one of Irelands biggest Model Railway events, not some small local church hall fundraiser I was one of the exhibitors in the same row as you and there were tables left for you on Friday evening. Maybe if you had arrived in good time and indicated that they were not suitable for your needs this could have been sorted out I gathered you assumed everything would be left for you - Never Assume.
  4. Blaine

    North Down Model Show

    Does that explain why you were not there on Sunday? Also did you inform the organisers that you would be setting up on Saturday morning and not Friday evening
  5. Blaine

    Silverfox Models NI 101

    Prototype Deltic Blue is another close match - https://www.phoenix-paints.co.uk/products/precisionrailway/nationalised/14p110
  6. Blaine

    LIMA Murphy Models

    I think any second hand mag that passed through there was stamped on the cover. Also stamped a few pages in each mag. Early attempt at subliminal advertising
  7. Blaine

    GNR MAK loco

    Roco or the Kato/Hobbytrain are ideal. Both need a little cosmetic surgery to resemble the Irish one. The HO difference is not a big one, given the size of the prototype and the Irish loading gauge etc
  8. Blaine

    42ft Container flat - 3D FUD

    If Arran at C-Rail can be provided with livery diagrams/photos and colour codes he would be happy to produce them
  9. Where did you hear about the proposed A Class model? It seems to have passed me and everyone else on this forum by
  10. Blaine

    UK Model Railway Exhibitions

    Dont forget at most of the UK shows there are businesses making baseboards etc. The size of the market in the UK allows this. Your in the sea now with the sharks. Offer something that they dont have and be able to sell it to them
  11. Blaine

    Kingsbridge - paint shop

    I seem to have missed this announcement??
  12. Blaine

    Branchline Wanderer

    Best to write them a letter of complaint, or use their 'inter-net' cyberspace position - AOL Keyword: RPSISTEAMTRAINSINIRELAND
  13. Blaine

    21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Well at least I said it in one sentence instead of justifying it over 7 Rich. Then again Im no know it all and never claim to be
  14. Blaine

    21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Perfectly summarised, its interest and population more than anything else. The MRSI's Loughrea 21mm layout is stored idle given the lack of interest in it. Most members are happy to run their Irish stock on 16.5mm track. Not everyone feels to the need to run to an authentic gauge and this needs to be remembered too. Code 75/82 track and correct sleeper spacing makes a big difference to set-track also
  15. Blaine

    Silverfox - New Irish Coach releases

    As soon as the bar is raised, it gets dropped just as fast. Proves there is still a market for this

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