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  1. Patricks Layout

    Needing a reason to run the IRM cement bubbles on my ficticious South Watreford line led me on an internet search for cement manufacturing in Ireland. Drinagh, South of Wexford had a cement factory at one time and according to Johnsons Atlas and Gazetteer had a siding until 1911. In my alternative reality cement continuead to be manufactured here until the mid seventies when the plant at Platin came online. The photos show a Drinagh Cork cement train meet with the Cork Waterford goods which is shunting at Glen More. We are also adding a few vans of beet pulp to occasional beet specials. Beet pulp was a byproduct of the sugar manufacturing process which was sold to beet farmers for cattle feed.
  2. Peco point motor wiring.

    Thanks Paul. I obtained a few wiring harness for peco point motors from hattons and thought I would make up my own to simplify wiring (I hate soldering). I guess I'd be better off biting the bullet and solder wires to the motors before installing them.
  3. Omagh GNRi station

    Having very strong opinions regarding layout design I tend to refrain from offering too many suggestions on the subject on this site. However having followed your ongoing design delimma with great interest I feel it is time to offer my input. My suggestions, a simple branch line terminus to fiddle yard along three sides of the shed incorporating a turntable, a one or two road loco shead and service facilities. Build it high enough to allow comfortable operation from a tall stool or standing and allowing space under the fiddle yard for a workbench. A short branch to a factory/industrial district/Harbour in front of the fiddle yard which would be hidden by removable low relief buildings. Regarding oo guage or 21 mm, I don't wish to dissusuade anyone from trying broad guage but remember building an Irish layout will present plenty of challanges with rolling stock and buildings. Don't bite off more than you can chew espically if it is your first model railway.
  4. I am planning some changes to the layout and need advice regarding powering Peco point motors. Two crossovers are planned which will require two points to be operated simultaenusly. I am planning to use Capicator discharge unit and a power source will be required. I was also hoping to use solderless female connectors to hook up the point motors if podssible to avoid soldering in the vicinity of my foam baseboard. What size wire should be used? What output should the transformer have and what size female connectors will work with Peco point motors? Any advise greatly appreciated.
  5. Patricks Layout

    Any thoughts about what you would model if you spent some time in N Dakota John?
  6. Patricks Layout

    Here are a few photos showing the layout in its setting to accompany the track plan. There was orignally a work bench under Keilys Cross which I moved to the garage to give a clear uncluttered area.
  7. 42ft Container flat - 3D FUD

    It would be nice to see a version with round buffers which are correct for the first batch of these wagons which had the US ride control bogies.
  8. Patricks Layout

  9. Patricks Layout

    Actually the footbridge has already been lowered by 10 steps and I may remove a few more. Before starting on it I found some photos on line showing the model lowered even further but the overall proportions seemed off, possibly because the model may be too wide.
  10. Patricks Layout

    Playing around with different locations for the footbridge in Glen More.
  11. Patricks Layout

  12. Patricks Layout

    I took a break from running those beautiful IRM cement bubbles long enough to start work on modifing a Hornby footbridge for Glen More.
  13. Patricks Layout

    Christmas arrived again this Saturday morning unexpectedly in the form of IRM orange cement bubbles. There is really no logical explanaton for a bulk cement train on my imaginary South Waterford Line as I envision it but these wagons were always a favourite of mine and I just could not pass them up. Congratulations to IRM on another exceptional model and here's hoping CIE tank wagons are in the future!
  14. Dirt

    Since the motor is part of the bogie on that model static electricity may attract fibers. Too much oil on the gears and running the model on track on the floor wouldn't help either.
  15. Bells and ballast.

    Thanks everybody for the replys. My Bell liner shall remain solid bell containers and the yellow hopper operating wheels will get a coat of brown at some point.

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