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  1. I am considering using Peco switches to control the points on my layout but would also like to use them to operate Dapol semaphore signals so I can have a signal cabin lever frame effect. Does anyone know if this can be done? Thanks.
  2. patrick

    Patricks Layout

    They are sesame seeds. The seeds themselves are rather flat but they look fine in piles at normal viewing distances. They are also cheap!
  3. patrick

    Patricks Layout

    The main line platform at Glenmore has been narrowed to ease a nasty s curve on the siding behind it and to make more room for a goods shed. Meanwhile 045 shunts beet wagons. 045 is a favourite of mine as I travelled on it on the last Tralee Listowel goods train.
  4. patrick

    Patricks Layout

  5. patrick

    Patricks Layout

    We are expecting a lot of visitors over for a house party this weekend so I did some work to enable through trains be run for display. Three of the four planned tracks in the Waterford fiddle yard were temporally laid. The fourth will be put in when I source a curved point. A few other changes have also been made. The point for the siding for the crane and bitumen depot has been moved closer to the passenger platform and the siding itself has been moved about a quarter inch in towards the baseboard edge. Previously all four parallel tracks in this area were equidistant. The result looks looks far more,natural, at least to my eye. The beet loading bank was also shortened by about four inches. A few details were thrown in and we can now run trains again!
  6. patrick

    Patricks Layout

    OK this is it. Now it's time to start wiring.
  7. patrick

    Patricks Layout

    John Mayner's comment about moving the bitume to a spot where tank wagons need not be moved during shunting movements led to it being relocated to the end of the siding. A short section of track between the hard standing and the bitumen depot will be embedded in gravel to allow road acess and should make a nice scene.
  8. patrick

    Patricks Layout

    You did send them Leslie, they arrived separately after the vans were built and put into service. The decals will be applied to the flat wagons too at some point. They were rushed into service as soon as the paint had dried!
  9. patrick

    Patricks Layout

    The crane will remain free standing so it can be removed if need be. It will simply topple over if accidently hit, it is quite sturdy. The beet loading bank should be less conspicuous once the scenery has been worked in around it.
  10. patrick

    Patricks Layout

  11. patrick

    Patricks Layout

    I am very glad Glen More is now looking more like a busy market town John. That's how I envisioned it from the beginning but didn't pull of first time around. I see your point about putting in a crossover to provide a headshunt for the bitumen depot but I find kickback sidings awkward to shunt and getting rid of one was a big reason to rebuild.
  12. patrick

    Patricks Layout

    Pleased with the way the signal cabin looked in its new position I got adventurous and though I would put the crane and tar depot on the beet siding and see how a new beet bank would look against the backdrop. This is the arrangement I'm going with.
  13. patrick

    Patricks Layout

    I am considering moving the signal cabin to the north side of the tracks. The platform with the siding behind it will be narrowed and the siding will get a goods shead.
  14. patrick

    Patricks Layout

    I made a start on the beet loading bank and roughed in the hard standing under the crane to get a feeling for how everything will fit togeather. The goods yard is so much more convenient and more fun to shunt with the new track arrangement.
  15. patrick

    Patricks Layout

    I didn't like the Peco derail on the beet siding at Glen More. It looks nothing like any I had seen on CIE. It finally occurred to me that there were a whole bunch of better ones masquadering as broken points in the scrap box. A few minutes with a rail nippers and a file was all that was required.

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