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  1. Broithe

    OO Works J15

    The two on the right would be clean - they are actually off-duty and are boogieing in a night club.
  2. Broithe

    Omagh Goods Yard

    Do you still have the 'spare' bit from the truncated arch? If so, you could experiment with some diluted ink washes on that?
  3. Broithe

    the future

    Boeing are working on it... Still some issues to sort out..
  4. Broithe

    Join IRM at the SDMRC Clubrooms!

    That is my understanding, too - I believe that we've been through this before..
  5. Broithe

    Join IRM at the SDMRC Clubrooms!

    Knocklyon Road? Next to the M50? Somebody who really knows will be along shortly, I'm sure.
  6. Broithe

    Foolish drivers

    Bridge strikes all over the place lately - even Ballybrophy - there's only a couple of very small underbridges that I can think of in the vicinity, but I suppose you could also hit the parapet of an overbridge...
  7. Broithe

    7 Plank BR Wagons to Irish

    This sort of thing? They could be hot-cutting chisels from the same blacksmith. https://front-step-forge.myshopify.com/products/hot-cut-h-13-tool-steel
  8. Broithe

    7 Plank BR Wagons to Irish

    Sounds even more plausible.. All I dug up here was some Stafford-Uttoxeter rail, a chair-screw, a pick from a pneumatic drill and the entire back axle (with wheels) from a Bedford CF. Previous owner had dug a pit in the front garden to work on his camper van, then buried the bits that came off...
  9. Broithe

    7 Plank BR Wagons to Irish

    Sounds very plausible, they'll have needed to crush it up for processing through the kiln - would there have been a source of water-power anywhere nearby? This signal at the old salt sidings has somehow survived until now. There is still some inset rail in the yard beyond the fence. Just visible, between the yellow machine and the bramble. .
  10. Broithe

    7 Plank BR Wagons to Irish

    Living across from the old Salt Works in Stafford, I do pick up the odd salt wagon.. What is the odd sculpture/totem pole affair in the background here, and on the 203 pictures?
  11. Broithe

    203 Ready For a Wash!

    We've all done that after one too many...
  12. I used Holyhead - Dun Laoghaire/Dublin as a train-delivered foot passenger regularly, up to ten years ago. It got steadily more difficult to access the train part here on the Big Island. In the 90s, I could get a train from Stafford at 00:02 to catch the 02:40 boat - with no changes. The last time I looked, I would have had to be at the station for 20:30 to catch the same boat - the timetable changed continuously and there could be two, even three, changes. Coming back here, the train would sit for hours at Holyhead - engine running, lights on and all the doors locked, so you couldn't even get on and settle down. The Waiting Room would also be locked - you just had to hang around a station that looked like a set from a war film, until they deigned to let you on the train. I came to the conclusion that it was deliberate sabotage. The attitude that foot passengers met at Holyhead was little short of open contempt. My rail journey on the Irish side of the water got steadily better, but, on this side, it just got too difficult. Even buying the ticket here was a difficult process, trying to convince people that it really was possible. There's little point in synchronising transport on one side of the sea, if people are going to meet the UK's randomised attitude to everything when they get here.
  13. Broithe

    Cemflo, by Accurascale

    That was the first use of Hornby's original prototype laser scanner - made from a bicycle lamp and a milk bottle.
  14. Broithe

    Cemflo, by Accurascale

    Imagine looking at this from the other end of the telescope - imagine being an established manufacturer seeing "four yokels from the back of beyond" produce market-leading quality products almost instantly. It must be quite alarming! It will drive others in the industry in the right direction, in the way that Toyota and Honda did in the 1970s, when they decided to make quality cars.
  15. Broithe

    Photographic Website Updates

    Port Laoise.
  16. Broithe

    First post

  17. Broithe

    Sleaford Exhibition 2018

    The local architecture is still interesting. I did wonder if the turkey in my roll had been machined by a baseboard manufacturer?
  18. Broithe

    Sleaford Exhibition 2018

    Plenty of other stuff to see, too.
  19. Broithe

    Sleaford Exhibition 2018

    Well, as reported elsewhere - Bantry was there, in the end. Definitely worth the trip to see the progress.

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