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  1. Wire-wound guitar strings are handy for that sort of thing - know any (clumsy) musicians?
  2. Model Rail Model of the Year 2017

    I once won a crate of wine, just because I was stubborn enough to find my way through a hopelessly convoluted competition. I did ask them if all twelve crates were actually won, but they never answered that question - I suspect that I may have been the only person who managed to get to the end and actually enter the competition. It can be in your favour...
  3. Tara Junction.

    A good punch-up to clear the air can often lead to the cementing of a relationship. Do you need seconds, and will betting be allowed?
  4. 42ft Container flat - 3D FUD

    What we really need is all this to be sorted out by somebody obsessed with boxes - is there anybody that we can think of?
  5. Tullamore.

    This has appeared on Twitter.
  6. Tullamore.

    I took the ould fellah for an oil change at the hospital this morning, so had a walk round for an hour or so.
  7. Valentine's Day.

    Panicking? No need to worry, take her for a romantic day out on an old railway line - because she's worth it. https://www.rte.ie/news/munster/2018/0212/940068-waterford-greenway/
  8. Valentine's Day.

    Mmm, I think she has you figured out, though.....
  9. Valentine's Day.

    Perhaps if we all sent her one each as well - she might come along and see if it's worth trading up?
  10. Valentine's Day.

    They need to be manipulated with subliminal manoeuvres.. ..etc..
  11. I have seen a picture of a Leyland fire engine and a Daimler APC, at 1/76 scale, in a Murphy Models box The long-awaited 1916 centenary edition?
  12. Valentine's Day.

    What about married couples who are courting (not necessarily each other)? Asking for a friend.
  13. IRM 2018 Launch, Saturday March 3rd, Ryan's Bar, Dublin.

    I think that picture was on a training weekend.
  14. Laser Cutter

    Olfa (and others) make "plastic cutters" which are a much safer option than the standard 'Stanley knife' approach. They work by 'ploughing' a V-shaped groove which is then used to snap the sheet. Much less scope for personal damage....
  15. GNR(I) memorial.

    I've had this sent on to me - it could be of some interest to others on here.
  16. Daimler APC and Leyland fire engine.

    Other pictures have appeared. https://www.facebook.com/groups/EarlyIrishMilitaria/permalink/2168783616731534/
  17. Foolish drivers

    It's not always drivers...
  18. Stafford Railway Exhibition, 2018.

    I don't remember seeing a price - it was all quite a blur - but, it might have been these people. https://dundasmodels.co.uk/webstore/index.php?option=com_hikashop&ctrl=product&task=show&cid=5788&name=county-donegal-style-railcar-type-2&Itemid=590&category_pathway=527 It's been there for the last few years, I might remember to ask next February...
  19. 3rd & 4th of February this year. http://www.staffordrailwaycircle.org.uk/exhibition/ Worth a visit, if you're not too far away - always a good standard. Nothing specifically for "us" this year, it seems, but plenty to see...
  20. Stafford Railway Exhibition, 2018.

    And yet more.. And even more.. This little vignette was very impressive in 7mm.
  21. Stafford Railway Exhibition, 2018.

    General views. And some more
  22. Stafford Railway Exhibition, 2018.

    This was all there was for 'us'. I'm always interested in the fiddle yards.
  23. Stafford Railway Exhibition, 2018.

    Some pictures. The winning layout was essentially two excavators, shifting a pile of sand around via a small hopper train - mesmerising and surrounded by a crowd all day. Breedon. A supreme example of landscaping.
  24. IRM 2018 Launch, Saturday March 3rd, Ryan's Bar, Dublin.

    His dad might turn up with that bloke from the Park.

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