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  1. Failed loco

    Ah, right, I wasn't sure where you were. Marks seem to be held in fair regard, though I've only been in there once myself.
  2. Failed loco

    You might do well to get somebody to have a look at it.
  3. Which station is this please?

    That was on a GB Facebook page a few days ago, it seemed to get largely ignored when it was suggested that it might be to the West..
  4. Failed loco

    Before you open it up, you can check the resistance between wheels on opposite sides, to see it you have actually a circuit through the loco. If you do, then you could also see if the forward/reverse switch on the controller causes the loco to move just a little in each direction - this would imply an obstruction in one of the bogie gearboxes (probably).
  5. Aerial photos of Ireland from the 1930's+

    Looking through all the pictures that come up with an "Ireland" search, there seems to be quite a few that they are unsure of the location of. They might be happy to receive any suggestions from people on here who might recognise any of them.
  6. Kingsbridge - workbench

    This is currently on BBC 4 Extra - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0072szv/episodes/player - being audio, it should be available everywhere. One of the best examples of a book reading that I've heard.
  7. Peco points

    If you're relying the 'contact wiper' to make/break the electrical connection, then you can find that they aren't 100% reliable, but they can be made to work better by a little judicious bending with a small screwdriver, so that they make better contact with the fixed rails as the position changes.
  8. Peco points

    Do you actually mean 'shorting' or are you just losing connection?
  9. That Reg Thing.......

    It's no wonder the Guards fly the helicopter round you all day....
  10. That Reg Thing.......

    Aden cannon shells turn up at the boot sale here and make a handy paperweight.

    The three in the middle at the bottom are distinctly lighter. How many shades of grey were there? And sixteen is unusual, fifteen was the standard pile.
  12. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    He's even got the moustache...
  13. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    It's not him - Bubba wouldn't let him in.
  14. That Reg Thing.......

    I know, "To je Škoda", as the Czechs say.
  15. That Reg Thing.......

    Should be on an Opel, that it would be a fully GM machine...
  16. murrayec's Projects

    Whoops, coping saws I meant - sometimes I just can't cope...
  17. murrayec's Projects

    There are fretsaws about, intended largely for wood, mostly taking pin-ended blades.
  18. murrayec's Projects

    It can be worth getting a saw with an adjustable frame, then broken blades can still be used.
  19. GSR Class 551 / J26 ECMbuild in 7mm

    They do turn up - as offices computerised, I got two free ones and another tall one for £25 last year.
  20. Foolish drivers

  21. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    They should be coming over here - I shall keep my detectors handy.
  22. New Look

    There's always a risk with any hosting site that they are going to 'monetise' the service - some more so than others. The image system on here now is such that there's no longer a need to be 'outside' in the future. The past is another world, though...
  23. New Look

    I still get the Who's Online list - in the bottom right corner - a short list of the 'real people' and a click for a full list with all the "guests".
  24. GSR Class 551 / J26 ECMbuild in 7mm

    The card-index filing cabinet - well worth looking out for - enough drawers to organise stuff logically, and shallow enough to find things in - perfect. I have a few, of varying depths, and they are just the best way to store tools.
  25. Behind the scenes at IRM

    The movements of incoming deliveries can now be plotted accurately.

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