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  1. Broithe

    Job Opportunities.

    There's a few on here who might apply, but bigger airbrushes, etc. might be involved. Also, best not to dwell on your weathering skills....
  2. Broithe

    RtE archive film , locos, blowup dolls n stuff

    On a train from Holyhead once, I had a couple of crews on a transfer in the seats behind me, they were discussing redundant signage that they had spotted and how to access it for removal. There was a sign over a tunnel mouth that was going to involve some abseiling...
  3. Experience with analogue and DCC preferred.
  4. Broithe

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Proper hard-core modelling.
  5. Broithe

    barrow street

    Anybody got a drone to check if the dodgy slates are in the right places? 🤨
  6. Broithe

    Omagh archaeology.

    This has been dug up near Omagh station.
  7. Broithe

    GNR(i) Building Stonework

    These people will sell you moulds, in many styles, to produce your own sheets. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cotswold-Stone-Sheet-Mould-Model-Railway-Walling-in-OO-Gauge-CM04/153366955461?hash=item23b56205c5:g:~7MAAOSwJTNbvr3X:rk:1:pf:0
  8. Broithe

    barrow street

    There's no arsenic in polystyrene and burning it properly at high temperatures is relatively safe.. ..but in a 'domestic' situation, it would produce styrene* gas, which will attack your nervous system directly and is definitely worth avoiding. Styrene, like a lot of benzene derivatives, is (possibly) carcinogenic, but definitely toxic. When polymerised into polystyrene and used at 'normal' temperatures, it's probably OK - unless you plan on living for a 1,000 years, something else almost certainly will get you first. Even warming stuff up in the microwave when it's in a Styrofoam container might be best avoided. * It's what the 'burning plastic' smell is.
  9. If it isn't, I've successfully run 'sympathetic' points by driving the distant one mechanically from the driven one. It looks a bit of a bodge, but it ran remarkably reliably. A bit of 'spring' in the connections helps to be sure that the distant one is 'home' before the driven on, but that still has the scope to get 'home' too.
  10. Broithe

    Cork - Cobh line

  11. Broithe

    Diesel Depot

    Gritty realism, as a film critic might say....
  12. Broithe

    barrow street

    We know that if somebody in Erne Street paints their front door an alarm goes off in @warb's house...
  13. Broithe

    Stafford Exhibition 2019.

    Discussing things with a few people since the exhibition, a few thoughts have come to mind. A small number of layouts relied on the ambient lighting in the three halls, one of which was a bit dim, hence a few blurry pictures. Having your own bespoke lighting under your own control is probably well worth doing these days. A couple of the layouts were 'front-controlled', whilst this may theoretically mean that interaction with spectators may be closer, in practise it generally had little benefit in that direction, as the operators were generally too busy - and often just 'in the way'. The age range of operators did seem to be more scattered than it has been in recent years. There's always next year. Dock a few shillings from the housekeeping.....
  14. Broithe

    Stafford Exhibition 2019.

    On again shortly - the first weekend in February. Details here - https://www.staffordrailwaycircle.org.uk/exhibition/ Handy enough for anybody in the middle of the Big Island. Always a good show and rather less of an ordeal than Warley can be.
  15. Broithe

    Stafford Exhibition 2019.

    Dampfschneeschleuder - but, I think we got your drift...
  16. Broithe

    Stafford Exhibition 2019.

    Not only were there the many Woodhead layouts, but there were two layouts of Freshwater on the Isle of Wight, one in N and one in 00 - I spent a few minutes looking at each one, wondering where I had seen a similar one before, then looking at the other one and thinking the same..
  17. Broithe

    Stafford Exhibition 2019.

  18. Broithe

    Stafford Exhibition 2019.

  19. Broithe

    Stafford Exhibition 2019.

    Some pictures.
  20. Broithe

    barrow street

    I have done - a few times. When I first saw the signal gantry, I had suspicions that there might be a few other bits that could be worth seeing...
  21. Broithe

    IRM Rawie Buffer Stop

    Possibly, though, on the full-size image, there's no yellow on the top of the rail on the far side, and there doesn't seem to be anything at the other end, though the rust just could be from the bolted-up face?
  22. Broithe

    Road portal

    It might depend on the 'style' that you want - you may be able to use one that is intended to be a rail tunnel - or you might be able to use a bridge, and saw it lengthways - or possibly make what you really want from some Will's sheet?
  23. Broithe

    OO Irish freight wagons, vans etc

    They don't have Glasgow down, but, you never know - https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/diary/

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