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  1. warb

    IRM Fert Wagon

    Just wondering was the full compartements only over the bogies and half full in the rest of the compartements because of weight? regards warb
  2. warb

    barrow street

    photos of the malting tower on grand canal quay
  3. warb

    barrow street

    Double glazing contractors fitting new windows to greenore court
  4. warb

    barrow street

    working on more buildings for greenore court off macken street.work completed so far including macken street flats regards
  5. warb

    barrow street

    grand canal quay and other photos of ads and making of overheads regards
  6. warb

    barrow street

    dont mention the war thanks
  7. warb

    barrow street

    glenderg yes please ever little helps regards
  8. warb

    barrow street

    Will Do. thanks to all for the comments regards
  9. warb

    barrow street

    thanks warbonnet street scene macken street regards
  10. warb

    barrow street

    Various location on barrow street
  11. warb

    barrow street

    thanks broithe/popeye
  12. warb

    barrow street

    sandwith street and erne street photos
  13. warb

    barrow street

    Pearse station with roof off
  14. warb

    barrow street

    Same idea slightly different for the office block on grand canal quay
  15. warb

    barrow street

    Macken Street flats construction with plywood drawers

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