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  1. warb

    barrow street

    re arranged barrow street end full weekend of works where does it go
  2. warb

    barrow street

    Long removed john had been there for years
  3. warb

    barrow street

    Went back to baseboards to start again to re arrange barrow street end Photo1 and updated photos of same with a delivery some of the evergreen strip for google buildings alone.
  4. warb

    barrow street

    After making a mess of the first effort of the front (photo1) I started all over again (other photos) result so far of google building frontage.
  5. warb

    barrow street

    mock up of front of google buildings still need work
  6. warb

    barrow street

    mock up of front of google buildings
  7. warb

    barrow street

    photo of mural on conway court
  8. warb

    barrow street

    Gable end at canal end of google building made up
  9. warb

    barrow street

    Full mock up of google buildings showing the over all size including parts for RSJ's
  10. warb

    barrow street

    Update on works on google buildings
  11. warb

    Some useful Tools

    Storage nest for styrene sheet which i eventually had to make as they were being stored in a drawer and could not find the one i was looking for.
  12. warb

    barrow street

    Found old photos of the start of barrow street 12 years ago through the years
  13. warb

    barrow street

    some of the parts required for google buildings
  14. warb

    barrow street

    construction photos of google buildings
  15. warb

    barrow street

    John Got it in one i will probably do a mixture under construction. The front will be fully glazed only leaving the side and canal end exposed under construction. regards warb

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