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  1. warb

    barrow street

    To close off this weekends work some doors/curtains/blinds fitted
  2. warb

    barrow street

    Canopies fitted and painted
  3. warb

    barrow street

    Mock of canopies for houses
  4. warb

    barrow street

    As with the thread roundhouses in ireland here are photos of the same location on barrow street under construction
  5. warb

    barrow street

    Some of the windows completed and fitted to island villa
  6. warb

    Roundhouses in Ireland

    Dart8118 These arches look as reduce the construction of the embankment due to the height and there was a stair access from street level to the water tower if correct. Hope this helps. ps the arches do not continue through to the other side of the embankment. regards warb
  7. warb

    barrow street

    Scahalane The cutting of styrene on a laser cutter should not be done because of the toxic fumes and possible damage it may do overtime. The unit i have access to is at the expensive end and is a industrial unit and the other problem is the temp that it cuts at. there is no problem cutting acrylics.
  8. warb

    barrow street

    As previously mentioned prior to Autocad/laser cutter the only way of making windows was drawing them with a pencil and cutting them out with a scalpel.Time moved on and i got access to AutoCad which greatly improved the situation for drawing the windows consistently for cutting out by hand which still took forever. Due to the amount of windows on Barrow Street I was able to acquire a laser cutter which speeds up the time of cutting and with greater precision . The time to produce a set of windows has moved from cutting by hand with a scalpel to the time spent drawing with Autocad and how to proceed. Over time you learn that most item we want to produce for your layout is made up of layers and windows are the same and most windows are either two or three layer per window especially for up and down sash windows in older buildings. I have attached the drawings of how windows are drawn in three layers for the makeup of the different type of window(see below) which are drawn in two different colours for the laser cutter. i.e green for the first cut and purple for the last cut.Normally when I start i measure the overall width and height of all the openings and due to small differences with hand cut window opes in the buildings I average the size for each type of window to be made and then proceed to drawing. All the windows on Barrow Street are cut from 320gsm straight cut folders inserts for filing cabinets which are a good quality and the different layers are glued together with 3M spray mount adhesive and when completed are painted and then fitted with 1mm perspex glazing with spray mount.Below I have attached the makeup of two types of windows as set out above and the finnish photos of the finished article. I hope this helps. regards warb
  9. warb

    barrow street

    First batch of windows cut for houses in island villa. There is 3 layers per window
  10. warb

    barrow street

    ready for windows which is a different matter
  11. warb

    barrow street

    small update on the progress of island villa and stages of painting of various houses on the street from base colour to weathering
  12. warb

    barrow street

    David Each unit has different windows and doors that's what happens with time like erne street.
  13. warb

    barrow street

    update photos of island villa primed and nearly ready for painting and minor touch ups required
  14. warb

    barrow street

    Interesting view of google buildings in the back round .Pity about the result

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