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  1. warb

    barrow street

    David It all started seeing a photo in Michael H.C Baker book The railways of the republic of ireland 1925 - 1975 of a push pull set passing Grand Canal Street Sidings (photo 1973) which captured a scene and hit a nerve to have a go albeit modern image in the 90's onwards.(photo 1 Michael H.C. Baker) regards warb
  2. warb


    Anybody have any photo's of tara's in pearse/boston sidings? regards warb
  3. warb


    the photo above looks as it is from a slide not original and maybe this is what is distorting the picture /colour
  4. warb

    Tara mines rake in blue.

    might help regards
  5. warb

    barrow street

    Main controls completed for barrow street with circuit breakers on each dcc section and a separate 12v line
  6. warb

    barrow street

    David i can only work on half the layout at one time and as with all not enough space.here are some photos of what i have up at the moment regards
  7. warb

    barrow street

    Thanks David. I'll try the next time. photos of completed bridge 3 ft rule applies
  8. warb

    barrow street

    Only soldered wires previously. tried soldering brass box section to underneath of bridge gave up and glued evergreen section
  9. warb

    barrow street

    KMCE don't like it. give me plywood and evergreen sheets thanks warb
  10. warb

    barrow street

    pedestrian bridge between building on grand canal quay. First effort soldering.
  11. warb

    barrow street

    Gable end complete to google buildings.
  12. warb


    Good luck with the launch tomorrow lads regards warb
  13. warb

    barrow street

    Final version of the footbridge installed
  14. warb

    barrow street

    version 2 of the pedestrian bridge

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