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  1. I would like to share you the pictures of Marklin collection.
  2. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    Rare Marklin 4998 dance car with music digital (Motorola decoder). Production date 1990-1991.
  3. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    Delivery from postman - Rare Marklin 4999 Panorama Dome car with functions. Production for two years (date 1988-1989).
  4. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    Arrive to add my Collection last week - Marklin Eurotrain BR218 Betty Boom Full sound.
  5. Fleischmann to stopping production HO scale from 2019. More information - https://www.facebook.com/steventrainmarklin/
  6. steventrain

    RIP Jim Bayle

    Very sad news. I know Jim very well. RIP Jim.
  7. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    Latest arrive to Collection. Reproduction limited edition 2018 30470 Twin pack BR44 (DB red/black and DSB Black) Marklin Hamo 2-rail 8347 BR44 Orange box date April 1966. Marklin 3047 BR44 Blue box date 1970.
  8. steventrain

    Fry Model Railway

    Fry Model railway Facebook. 'Update on Fry Model Railway & Casino Project, Malahide Tenders were received in late January for the refurbishment and extension of the Casino cottage building to allow for use as a new home for the Fry Model Railway collection. Following a clarification process the tender assessment has been concluded and subject to final checks a tender report and recommendation to appoint a contractor is imminent. Based on tendering procedures it is now likely that a contractor will start on site in mid-April 2018. The works are contracted to last 44 weeks finishing on site mid-February 2019. The tender assessment has been completed and a letter of intent has issued in relation to the design and construction of the Fry Model Railway exhibition. The proposal includes a large working model train display as a central element in the main exhibition space. We are very pleased that work should be starting shortly as the condition of the property is gradually deteriorating.'
  9. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    Brought from Bangor, thank to wrennerie for alert me.
  10. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    latest Arrive - Marklin 39034 BR 18.5, DB Express Train Steam Locomotive, Road Number 18 505 Prototype: LVA Minden class 18.5 express train steam locomotive, with a type 2´3 T38 tender from the class 45. German Federal Railroad (DB). Black/red basic paint scheme. Locomotive road number 18 505. The locomotive looks as it did around 1967. Latest arrive 2018 new items wagons.
  11. steventrain

    North Down Model Show

    Videos - Irish modelling layouts. North irish OO gauge layout.
  12. steventrain

    North Down Model Show

    Came back from Bangor show, Very busy show and weather was great.
  13. steventrain

    eBay Watch

    OO gauge 12 - 20fts Containers included 6 BELL on Ebay Railvault. I am not sure 100% BELL containers from Hornby, It could be from other brands? HO or OO gauge?? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12-ASSORTED-OO-GAUGE-HORNBY-20-SHIPPING-CONTAINERS-TEX-AND-BELL-6Z/173269085455?hash=item2857a46d0f:g:~soAAOSwO4Ra0M4X
  14. steventrain

    News on Hornby?

  15. steventrain


    The Post Office asked PSNI (Police) to help them out with a reminder to their drivers about the dangers of getting into a vehicle the morning after the night before. A lot of professional drivers and shift workers have early starts, so please bear this in mind if you're out celebrating or partying over Christmas or the New Year. The driver in the picture passed so all those letters to Santa in the back of the van were delivered on time. I ask Police ' Don't forget the Milkman drivers'.
  16. steventrain

    IRM’s first loco announcement!

    See it on facebook but nothing on Rmweb. Maybe not a april fool?
  17. steventrain

    Well done Irish Rugby Team

    Simple the best.
  18. steventrain

    IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    That's same as marklin.
  19. No more HO scale from 2019. See other topic.
  20. See link in German. http://www.nordbayern.de/region/ansbach/traditions-modelleisenbahner-fleischmann-ist-pleite-1.4565354 You need Google translate. This only refers to the 33 staff that were retained at this one facility and to the pension regime of those and other employees already terminated. The functions previously performed by these people will now be assumed by personnel at Modellbahn GmbH directly. Basically, Fleischmann now exists only in name as the Brand for Roco N scale and for select HO products.
  21. steventrain

    Please vote for IRM!!

    Well, The winners is now announced. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/131477-british-model-railway-awards-2017-–-the-winners/ IRM came 7th.
  22. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    Latest arrive. 49968 Construction Crew Car Set. Prototype: 3 different German Railroad Track Construction, Inc. (DBG) freight cars. Type Kbs two-axle stake car, a type Res four-axle stake car, European standard design with length of 19.90 meters / 65 feet 3-7/16", and a type Fcs dump car. Plausible paint and lettering scheme for the era. 36431 DB Maintenance Network, Track Construction Group, class 233 "Tiger" heavy diesel locomotive. The locomotive looks as it currently does in real life. 36431 came with a digitally sounds and controlled cold steam based smoke unit with distilled water. See video.
  23. steventrain

    bidding for NIR 071

    Some head to head crazy bidding on other listings. Rare Marklin Blue crocodile with 4 days to go https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Marklin-H0-37564-Das-blaue-Krokodil-DIG-mfx-SOUND-OVP-TOP-D131/391959675979?hash=item5b429e044b:g:pagAAOSw86JaV1XB Look at bidding history. I already have one in my collection few years ago.
  24. steventrain

    Please vote for IRM!!

    I have done vote for you.
  25. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    My Marklin layout by Central station 2 with some boosters.

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