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  1. Pastavenue

    Tara Junction.

    Great photos and happy new year Noel
  2. Pastavenue

    Happy New Year 2018

    Happy new year to all at IRM and its looking to be a great 2019 for Irish modelers Enda
  3. Pastavenue


    071 and 073 on tara duties on the stunning Ballybeg layout VIDEO0142.mp4
  4. Pastavenue

    A NICE TOUCH........

    Thanks for the card lads it was a nice thought and Happy xmas to you all in IRM and all on the site ,look forward to meeting more new people and getting some nice goodies that will be coming out next year Enda
  5. Pastavenue

    Robert's Workbench

    They look great, lovely finish on them Robert
  6. Pastavenue

    Kilkenny Model Show

    Looking forward to it and spending the day with the WMRC
  7. Pastavenue

    Silver Fox A Class body kit

    No head light ?
  8. Pastavenue

    Tara Junction.

    Lovely scene and great attention to detail as always 👍
  9. Pastavenue

    RPSI 2018

    Hi is there many on here going on saturday?
  10. Pastavenue

    RPSI 2018

    I'm also heading and really looking forward to it 😀
  11. Pastavenue

    Whitehead Museum

    It was a very enjoyable day and well worth a visit VIDEO0128.mp4
  12. Pastavenue


    This was the first real layout i seen a few year's ago in wexford and to this day it's still my first love, the amount of detail and skill is exelent. Lovely picture's Gerry
  13. Pastavenue

    Patricks Layout

    It's a lovely looking layout and very well built, and as they say Less is more .
  14. Pastavenue

    Bundoran Railway Tribute

    A nice tribute to Bundoran and well worth a watch.

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