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  1. Pastavenue

    Kilkenny Model Show

    Looking forward to it and spending the day with the WMRC
  2. Pastavenue

    Silver Fox A Class body kit

    No head light ?
  3. Pastavenue

    Tara Junction.

    Lovely scene and great attention to detail as always 👍
  4. Pastavenue

    RPSI 2018

    Hi is there many on here going on saturday?
  5. Pastavenue

    RPSI 2018

    I'm also heading and really looking forward to it 😀
  6. Pastavenue

    Whitehead Museum

    It was a very enjoyable day and well worth a visit VIDEO0128.mp4
  7. Pastavenue


    This was the first real layout i seen a few year's ago in wexford and to this day it's still my first love, the amount of detail and skill is exelent. Lovely picture's Gerry
  8. Pastavenue

    Patricks Layout

    It's a lovely looking layout and very well built, and as they say Less is more .
  9. Pastavenue

    Bundoran Railway Tribute

    A nice tribute to Bundoran and well worth a watch.
  10. Pastavenue

    Tara Junction.

    Thanks noel, superb layout im very jealous
  11. Pastavenue

    Tara Junction.

    Looks great as usual Noel ,did you scratch build the sperry train or is it a RTR? REGARDS ENDA
  12. Pastavenue

    Please vote for IRM!!

    Done and the best of luck lads use deserve it .
  13. Pastavenue

    Galgorm Hall

    Great work looks great paul
  14. Pastavenue

    Happy Christmas to all IRM.comers

    My driver's are all in the pub and just a few lads doing maintenance for a bit of overtime 🙄 Happy Christmas to all and your family and best wishes for 2018 Enda

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