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  1. ganderino


  2. I emailed murphy models but received an email to contact the seller of the locomotive, so i emailed irm and there hopefully receiving spare parts in the near future for these, i have a few more on the way so want to inspect these before i know the quantity i require, hopefully thats the only issue i have!!
  3. Hey, how do you go about getting spare parts for these? Ive noticed on 4 i have received the front vacuum hose is broken off, thanks for your help
  4. Luckily the box of the model has no damage as i am more a collector, but have yet to test is as still waiting on a decoder, it was posted to australia, but id did sit in heathrow for a month beforehand, so difficult to know where the carelessness occured!!
  5. The pandemic has f-ed up the postage system, it took 2 months to receive my 121 and this is how it turned up, obviously no fault of irm.
  6. If you put 645 power assemblys into an engine with 567 power assemblys then the engine will be a 645, so if all 121s eventully had 645’s fitted eventully then all the later livery 121’s should use the 645 decoders, and the early 121’s should have the 567’s the numbers 567 and 645 are the cubic capacity of the cylinders, e.g 567 is 567 cubic inches in volume roughly 9.3 litre per cylinder
  7. Any updates on the rest of the 121’s coming?
  8. ganderino

    Why GM?

    The class 59 and class 201 are pretty much completely different locomotives!!!
  9. ganderino

    Why GM?

    Emd locomotives are more reliable
  10. Exactly, i almost feel bad i didnt order mine through marks models now!!! But when it comes to it im going to order whats the best price as you just have to look after yourself in this modern day, i dont know why i should just throw money away!!
  11. Hey, do you have a link to buy these as i wouldnt mind a set myself, thanks
  12. Great photograph, this is the freight i remember when my old man used to bring me to portadown and craigavon lakes to watch the freight trains!! Fondest memories thanks for sharing
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