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  1. Hi

    I saw that you had posted so diagrams of the Hunslet locos (NIR Class 101).

    I will shortly be receiving a set from SilverFox Models and I was wondering if you, or anyone else, might recommend a DCC sound module that I could use.

    And, if anyone has any examples running, I'd very much like to get links, if possible, to pictures, videos, etc.


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    2. clehap


      Thanks very much, both of you, for getting back to me.

      Sorry to have been a while in replying, but some stuff came up and railways had to be left aside.

      I had heard those Hornby TTS sound cards and was thinking of them. Are those the ones you mean?

      Good to know that others with experience thought the sound was very similar.

      Today, I received the set from Silver Fox and they look really good. Each can pull a set of six carriages. I've just been running them and they appear to top out at moderate speed.

      Also thanks for pointing out NITCLASS80's layout. I'll check it out!


      Cheers for now

      Allan Peoples

    3. NIR 450 ‘Castle’ Class

      NIR 450 ‘Castle’ Class

      No problem at all, this forum has helped me a lot so I’m glad I was of some assistance! I think it is the Class 20 TTS decoder in the Hunslet, NIRCLASS80 would be the best person to ask in regards to his model. Hope you get on well with it!

    4. clehap


      Thanks. I've placed an order with Mark's Models and they're going to get to it when the virus problem subsides.

      Allan Peoples

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