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Dunluce Castle - No.74

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at least you have your own 'dunluce'....why you had to weather her i dont know[ATTACH=CONFIG]3502[/ATTACH]



It's like everything on my layout Seamus. When I run my trains I like them to look a realistic as possible.


Dunluce Castle as you know sits in Cultra and is probably the cleanest she has ever been in her whole life. I don't see the point in spending a lot of time and money on a layout and scenery to make it look as realistic as possible and then spoil it all with a train that looks like a new toy out of the box.

It's not how they looked in real life whether diesel or steam and I think clean trains look stupid on a good layout it one of the biggest pet hates I have.

It really sickens me when I see a fantastic club layout at a show and all the effort that went into that layout and the next thing this shiny new train running around it. One layout in particular that stands out was at the Carrick show this year I can't recall the name of it but I think it was a new layout owned by the BFPMRC it had a big Ford banner at the front of it. A fantastic layout really nice detail and I could have stood and watched it all day. But you know what let the whole thing down. Yep you guessed it clean unrealistic looking trains. I just hope Bleach Green isn't as big a letdown tomorrow.

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hehe, 'some' trains ran clean :) Just look at most of the RPSI stock, even B141 :) That said, a little frame and brake dirt is never a bad thing :):)


No train is ever clean unless its just out of the paint shop. As for the RPSI stock you ain't looking closely enough. B141 looks clean in photos but if you were standing beside her you would see dirt some where.

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understood anto, but while pulling rpsi stock, as steven said they were never more than a little dusty. i do agree with what you say about layouts with pristine locos running...they do look out of character. strange to see that every pic i see of the nir 071's they are always spotless - love the way the lads look after them!

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To be fair Seamus the RPSI steamers ain't as shiny and new as their UK counter parts. Tornado and Duchess of Sutherland come to mind. From a distance the RPSI steamers look clean its not until you get up close that you see the dirt paint chips rust etc on them. As i said everything has some amount of dirt and paint chips etc on it. I don't know if your going to Cultra tomorrow but if you are take a look at Dunluce Castle sitting there it may be clean but take a really close look at her she has rust and paint chips even those loco sitting in the museum ain't perfect. And before any RPSI heads start on me I ain't knocking them in any way were talking dirty trains here.

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no, definately not! he has a good point though!



Some photos lads of the wear and tear on the museum locos




















































































































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