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DWWR / DSER / GSR 13' 6" Ashbury Covered Wagon


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The 13’ 6” Ashbury wagon is probably the best know DSER wagon as there are numerous photos and some line drawings which have appeared in various publications over the years.

The wagon in question here is the 1902 version built by Ashbury Carriage & Iron Co., however Ashbury did build earlier wagons for the DWWR in 1857 and again in 1878, and some of these were used for the conveyance of livestock prior to the intervention of the Board of Trade requirements for separate wagons for this traffic.  There are some images of this earlier wagon being used for livestock conveyance with the upper most board under the roof being removed to allow air through the wagon.

Whilst this wagon may be the best known of the DWWR /DSER wagon, it was by no means built in large numbers; the convertible wagon considerably eclipsed these vans in numbers and use across the network. 

These wagons were quite long lived and survived into the CIE era being modified with through vacuum piping and screw couplings to allow them run with coaching stock. 

Later version of the wagon were fitted with basic louvres and can be modelled as an option with these wagons.


Image courtesy of Shepherd & Beesley


There are some sketch drawings available for this 1902 version which were used to develop a more detailed drawing, and photos then used to clarify elements for development of a 3D model.


The 3D model was developed with various options to allow printing:


Prints for OO Gauge with all options excluding louvres we get:



Add the louvres:




Holes have been provided in the model to make it easier to install the metal rods as per prototype.

As noted above, the model is available in various options - for example the model below is printed with chassis & brakes only and has been developed in P4 finish to 21mm with buffers, drag hook, roof, couplings and P4 wheels added separately:



The model will be offered with various options:

Basic body only


  • W frames, axle boxes, & springs
  • Brakes
  • Buffers
  • Drag hook
  • Roof
  • Louvres
  • NEM coupling pocket (OO gauge)




N-Gauge: € 10 - € 15

OO / P4 Gauge: €45 - €50

O-Gauge: € 85 - €90


All costs will be exclusive of shipping costs which can be determined at the time of sale and will be based on actual cost where applicable.


Hope this is of interest, and if so, please reach out by PM


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18 hours ago, DiveController said:

same wagon at Cork in 1960

Very similar, but some minor differences - the sloping steel bracing is missing, roof is plain rather than corrugated, and door locking is external; perhaps a later re-built version?

The DSER vans were long lived and were fitted with through piping to allow them run with coaching stock - it would not have been unusual to see one run as per the photo above.


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