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Hush its the W1

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Hi Folks,

In the end had to obtain one from Blighty as the LMS could not confirm or Deny the one I ordered was coming in. Ah well. As per previous mail Kernow had the wrong code but that was sorted and no duty applied. In fact Vat was underpaid too but hey I am not complaining!

You may of read the tales of woes with this loco with damage to the smoke deflectors being a major really unfixable one so I was expecting the worst when I open the box. I did the quick rattle test and all seemed ok, However upon opening I noticed the Tender Coupling drawbar was at an unusual angle and a few bit of plastic fell out of the packaging along with a foot step (See pic 2) . Balls. I did not fancy sending it back as you will have issues with customs and the replacement one coming back would not doubt be subject to another 50 slobs of taxes.(One of the benefits of dealing with Local shops) so a quick appraisal on the damage , Small bit of plastic tubing to hand and some Superglue I had it fixed and in action. See pic 3.

Not a great runner at this time and she is still running in. This should of been a stunner really but I feel it is more of a dealz type loco give various other issues like the running plate being warped over the cylinders and the plastic fittings well just look plastic. And of course the last wheel set of the rear Trailing truck the wheels don't touch the track so does not move....

This is for me Dads shelf anyhow so wont be on my layout for long.








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Well she has been running all day , not to bad now in all fairness, Bit of a Growl from the Motor still so might investigate that at some stage.

Went to put on the extra details parts, the front coupling hook was actually rusty, The Other Cylinder Steam pipes, long version were not in the bag either.

Little vid of it bombing along as well.






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George, gota tell you,SWIMBO just looked at your new loco and I quote " god it's butt ugly, a face only a mother could love", now she is into most things steam but even explaining 10000's  history failed to change her view. Sorry about that but it made me laugh! I thought it captures the shape of the original very well. Happy Christmas and a joyous New Year!  😎

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