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Georges Plastic kits Workbench.

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Hi folks,

Happy new year. Though I just dumped stuff into one thread from here. Was shopping in Aldi and spotted a lone Hurricane from Airfix on the shelf so I felt sorry for it and took it away and started to crack into it. Was enjoying it so much decided to pop my P-51 cherry and pulled that out too plus whilst up in the loft sticking some rubbish up I spotted a Tornado F.3 that I brough back down so all three are on the go. Hurri is nearly done. The 51 is a lovely fitting kit and the Tornado well it not the best. I'll be doing that in flight on a stand.



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13 hours ago, Galteemore said:

Lovely stuff. The life size F3 was a bit of a bodge job anyway. Everyone knows that the real Tornado is a GR1 - or even better, GR4…..


The UK has a "Blue" prefix for the radar in their aircraft. For example the Blue Fox in the original Sea Harrier and the Blue Vixen in the FA2.
During development of the Tornado F3 they put concrete in the nose of the aircraft for ballast and christned it "Blue Circle" 🤣
Nothing to do with the performance of the radar itself 🤔

forgot to put "for ballast"
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Beautiful work, George, the Viggen is absolutely stunning, as is the Hurricane. I must be completely ham-fisted as I've had several goes at the Airfix Mk.1 Hurri and I just can't make a decent job of it! Looking forward to seeing how the Mustang shapes up, too!


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