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Class 31 - Accurascale EU website strange one

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HI, So I decided to check out the class 31's again as I have it in my head to pre-order these in a few weeks, so on the UK site, from the "Locomotives" drop down, you can select the Class 30/31 and it proceeds to get you to view the range, when you pop over to the EU site, it is missing from the drop down. The rest of the locos are there, but the Class 30/31 is missing.

More than likely a quick fix but I figured I would mention it

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14 minutes ago, DiveController said:

Any reason that the keg loads in the Acc. EU site are not visible on the IRM site to buy with some forklifts? Stock In physically different locations?

At the moment. We’ve had a bit of a mare with customs and stock transfers. Should be all cleaned up in the coming week and smooth going forward! 

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