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Portwest layout

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  • 3 months later...

there was some work being done on portwest today.

the distribution company that owns the siding next to portwest station is planning to install a security fence around their property, and to make way for it, an old boxcar in use as a shed had to go. NIR's help was enlisted and soon 112 arrived with a recovery train to take the van away.


she backed her motley collection of wagons into the distribution siding and the crane crews got to work


things looked precarious at one point, as the boxcar swung out over the running line!


but luckily the crews got everything back in order quickly, and 112 was given the right away to leave portwest


and she was snapped powering away from the station on her way to the boxcar's new home as the office of the Portwest Preservation Society ( which you shall recall from a previous post)

hope these pictures came out okay, and i hope you enjoyed reading the latest news from portwest!


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  • 1 month later...

I had bought a new camera and was taking a few shots of the layout, and things got a bit arty I had just found out how to do light trails and got somewhat carried away






These shots feature 111 and 112


In this last photo 111s headlights are well visible



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