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Portwest layout

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Hi guys

This is going to be a thread for me to show pictures of my layout. However, I need to take some first, so I cannot upload just yet.

First off, my layout is built out of a few trainsets I got when I was younger, so I'm afraid its not quite up to scratch or realism with some of the amazing work I see on this site! The layout runs a mix of irish and US locos (I have this thing for GM products), so it isn't really prototypical, but I'm working on the mantra of 'its fun so why not?'. The layout is called Portwest because I have enjoyed many holidays in westport, so just put the name backwards. I will upload some photos later on, and any advice for changes would be very welcome! :)

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hopefully these images came out okay, i apologise for the poor quality, as i had to use my phone due to the camera playing up. My layout is still very much in progress, and i am hoping to soon add details such as fencing around the houses and along the road. I included photos of some of my locos abd rolling stock so you can get a feel of what sort of stuff i like runnng.




back of the factory.jpg



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Right, i thought i would have a wee go at putting a little 'story' to my pictures. Today, up on the north coast 111 had arrived in with a special seaside train rostered to coincide with the heatwave going on. Due to all NIR loco hauled stock being required for enterprise work, the train was formed of borrowed CIE cravens stock. We see 112 present aswell, as she had arrived the day before following rescue of a stricken RPSI excursion. Ballasting work is ongoing, and due to a lack of locos for anything other than today's day trip and the enterprise, CIE baby GM 190 has come north on a short lease. However, she is required back home by CIE, and this leads us to see a very unusual working. 190 is put on to the return day trip along with 111 in order to get her to belfast prior to a light engine run south, and railway enthusiast across NI have flocked to the linesides to photograph this rare double header.




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Great layout and love the variety of rolling stock - giving a flavour of GMs products. Great ideal with 111 doing the seaside run for the heatwave (thats keeping me away from the trains in the attic), loco hauled special with not a railcar in sight!

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It was certainly a lucky find! I went to the show with it in my head to look for a lima 50' date=' and that one was the only one in the whole place![/quote']


Nice one! Wasn't much in the way of Lima locos in Dun Laoghaire but I did pick up 6 Lima Mark 3s in intercity for 50 euro. Bargain I thought! Just need a bit of fettling and some new Hornby HST power cars to go either end. Regret not picking up a second 6 pack!

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Hey there guys, a few updates on Portwest tonight.

Firstly, i have bought an athearn genesis sd70m in unused pristine condition off ebay!

secondly, i thought i would do another of those story posts.


it was the first of the halloween steam specials today, and the Portwest Preservation Society were keen to show off their newly restored 'ncc' loco. the crowds came out to see this fine machine in action with a cravens set.


black 5.jpg


She gets up a head of steam as she is given the right away

station master.jpg


unfortunately, young johhny had spent all his pocket money on a model, so he was unable to go on the trip

young johhny.jpg


but, all was not lost. On the return working, the steamer overheated a bearing, and, from his favorite spot at the end of platform 2, johnny was able to see his favorite loco, 112, help her limp back into portwest.

112 saves black 5.jpg



I really hope those photos are in the right order!

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