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CIE Supertrain

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Welcome to the site Ben. I have a similar set and I got this info from the Guru Mr Bracken (wrenneire) who has every set set known to man -- - Lima decided to enter the British OO market in 1973 because of the relative success of their N Gauge models.

Unfortunately the Lima equivalent of OO was HO and to this effect the Lima models were smaller than the available British OO. By 1977 they had stopped producing British HO and were producing OO instead. This was a trying time for Lima and to keep the market supplied with their HO products they took to producing British models by repainting and reliverying continental outline wagons coaches and locos. Needless to say they did not sell very well and by 1977 they had a completely new production of OO in proper British outline available.

The Irish HO range again include British outline models repainted into Irish liveries

Black 4F running number 628 & Flying Snail Logo Lima ref 1707, This loco came both individually boxed and as part of a set with 3 coaches.

Green Mk 1 Corridor Composite coach, Flying Snail Livery. Ref 2126T

8015 Cl 33 Orange & Black Colour, and again this loco came both individually boxed and as part of a set with 3 9144 Mk 2 coaches, "Supertrain Set"

Hope this is ok !

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Thanks for all that Portoman, gives me a lot more of a direction for research.


Kinvara-train are you saying this is worth £300+, I was planning of passing on to the grandson may have to rethink that one.


Sell it and buy an modern Hornby set and have a few quid left over with the winnings!

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Hi, A further update on this, unfortunately my grandson wont be in a position to get the joy from this set. As I have no interest in this set I am planning to sell it. I have had an offer but if anyone wants to make a bid on it they are welcome.


The set is as is,there is no transformer so I cant check that it runs. To my knowledge it does as it has been stored safely over the years.

There is some track, I can get more information as to how much if I remember it is enough just to make a figure of eight.


I also have a Typhoo carraige and two other engines. All boxed. the details of which I can confirm.

One of the engines has some damage but nothing that any one would easily fix in a couple of minutes.

If you are interested Pm me any questions and I will do what I can to answer same.

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