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Layout Lighting

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I thought I would post this thread re lighting your layout, simply because I have had a lot of favourable comments on the lighting on my layout.


Generally I use LEDs 9v-12v for my buildings as most of them are Metcalfe Kits and with less heat than Grain Wheat bulbs are safer to use. Also they are just as inexpensive as the Grain Wheat.


The 2 types illustrated are shown


1- Pre Wired 5mm Clear LEDs with White Light for DC12V - DC16V' they also come in Pre Wired 3mm Clear LEDs with White Light for DC12V - DC16V'


they can be bought of ebay and the link below gives you a selection

to choose from





Lights 001.jpg



2 - SMD Strip 300mm length 12v ( A disadvantage to this type is that you have to solder the +ve and -ve but is not a major problem really)


I buy these type of ebay from the same guy and is very good providing information. He has a good selection of colours which allows a mix and match approach to your buildings as can be seen in Kilcoole






I have included some examples of what may be very easily achieved from my layout


Lights 002.jpg

5mm Led used to light outside of signal box Shown lit


Lights 003.jpg

5mm LED shown unlit


I hope this is of use to someone :tumbsup:

Lights 004.jpg

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Veissmann do some nice LED streetlights that plug into their bases, so they can easily be removed and replaced, should you need to do some work beyond them..


Yes I know they do but I find this is a cheaper alternative and just as effective especially in buildings and you can use plug and socket connectors on these if required

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For my Street Lighting I have used 12v Grain Wheat which I bought of ebay. The single lamps shown below worked out quite well but the double lamps I do NOT recommend as they are a nightmare to wire up due to the 4 un-insulated wires



Lights 010.jpg



There is a great selection on ebay to suit style and price. I bought mine from the following. they are plastic and can be painted to suit your layout requirements





Another good source is Key Lites http://www.oovo.com/




Some examples of the finished product.




Lights 012.jpg


One thing to be aware of when using this type of light is that it does generate heat and should NOT be left on for long periods unattended.




The wiring at the termination end of the lamp can be Pluggerable terminal connectors to give you flexibility and a tidy wring loom.





If you still feel that you need more information I recommend a site that will help explain the basics called the Electronics Club




Even for experienced people this is a good site to revise those days of Physcis classes and well worth a look.




I hope this has been of some help to someone and as I always say if you need help someone on this forum will have the answer:banana:


Some Examples of what can be achieved simply and in expensive.



Buses 032.jpg

Buses 036.jpg

Buses 027.jpg

Buses 026.jpg

Buses 025.jpg

Buses 024.jpg

Lights 011.jpg

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