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Irish Rail on TV

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I am unable to find anywhere else to put this so I'll start a new thread,

Last night on UK BBC so on catch up and IPlayer at present, We do not normally get this on the mainland so grab your chance.

Walk The Line.

Presented by Barra Best (BBC Local weather Presenter?) 

But has some nice cine film of vintage  Irish Steam and Stations that are no longer around.


Episode 3, Wednesday 3 July BBC 4 19:00 


Please add links and info of other shows as and when appropriate, Preferably with notice before airing so I can set up the recorder.

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season 4 of michal portelo great railway jurneys has some episodes in ireland


(michal palin great railway journeys derry to kerry) 



(channel 4 program about railways in ireland 1980s) 


(history of irish railways by RTE 1990s) 

(off the beten trac RTE 1997) 


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Posted (edited)

Thing is I've met Portillo during the making of one of the UK episodes. I was on the team providing the vintage transport for the day.


I was not impressed at his general Aire of aloofness over us mere mortals and generally expecting things he asked for to be done.

Edit Like driving the wrong way down a one way single track estate road (still open to public coming the correct way) as it "put a better background in shot"

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Nice to see Michael Palin's "Derry to Kerry' again - an interesting snapshot of how things were 30 years ago.  Good to see my much-missed friend Tom McDevitte in fine form, telling the story of Maggie Coulter's goat in Fivemiletown 😂 as well as some decent shots of 171 in action along the north coast line, especially as she'll hopefully be back in steam again soon.  The final sequence at Blennerville-Tralee is sad though.

I remember speaking about the programme to a very knowledgeable railwayman whom I knew back then, and he made me laugh when he got very grumpy about it and said 'Why the hell did they get that theatre man to show Palin around Cultra, what the frig does he know about our railways?'

Some parts of the show annoyed me eg. he could have been a bit nicer to the stewardess on the train from Limerick Junction but overall it was a good show I thought which gave a good impression of the railways.  Many changes since then!

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