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New range of RTR Irish wagons?

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It looks like we may have a newwagon builder in the Midlands:banana:, rtr open beet wagons & H vans are available from Model Irish Scale Rail, 2 Coneburrow Road, Edenderry. misr@eircom.net


The May edition of New Irish Lines includes a favourable review by A J O'Rourke. The models are resin on a modified Dapol chassis, "the bodies are very neat. The rather complex arrangement of the corrugation in the opens is well captutured". "The paint finish excellent'


The inside of the beet wagons are said to be flush and MISR (James MacKay) appears to be working on a range of wagons including the CIE 20T brake and other traditional wagons.


The review includes a screenshot of a 3D model so the wagons may be resin castings produced from a virtual master, this avoids the stepping present with 3D printed models.

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A number of manufacturers and retailers use ebay to test the water. I agree that this initiative deserves our full support. It will be interesting to see what the prices are like. Irish modelling is such a small market compared to UK modelling that the prices can't help but be somewhat higher than we would like. Anything we can do to keep prices lower will help.


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