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So with the demise of my old layout here is a smaller more portable layout

It is 6ft 2inches bu 3ft 1 inch, name Ballinree and principally preserved steam

Here is the track plan


Ballinree Layout.jpg


This is only a rough design so it will undergo alot of change

The blue line represents a partition between the scenic and siding part(there will be maybe three sidings in this area) of the layout and the grey box represents platforms

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So with my exams over I was able to start on my new layout

The way I have built the baseboards mean that when in use it is put on tresles and when no in use stacked against the walls

Here are a few pictures








And a few pictures of 186 and a meat train










Wagons are weathered using weathering powders

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Thanks for the support lads

Heirflick, Yes 286 is a Dean goods, unfortunately tender driven:((which makes for poor enough runnng, for the small curves i just used very thin plasticard or more likely paper and manipulated it into the correct radius the glued it on

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