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Our hobby just got more expensive

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Some of you may have seen that recently new postage regulations (UK) have come into force; this in effect means that glues, paints and such like items cannot be carried by air, and this means that NO Royal Mail deliveries containing such things can be sent to places like Northern ireland (and I presume the South as well) - none of their stuff comes by ship any more. They must come by courier, on average about £10 more per delivery. I first learnt of this from precision Paints, who do railway colours including irish ones previously made by them for MIR. I use PP as although they are more expensive, they appear much more consistent than Humbrol, especially for spraying. My last few tins cost me 10.00 + 14.50 for carriage!

Some firms, such as Eileen's Emporium, who do a myriad of useful model items, will no longer "export" any of these items - i don't know if this will include Ireland.

I wonder when the last time a 14ml tin of model enamel brought down an aircraft.....Acrylics are exempt, being water based, - but they aren't available in the colours I use.

Worth ringing round a few friends now before you order enamel paint or plastic solvent. My local model shop is fine for some basics they can't stock items for only one person.


Colm Flanagan

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The full T&Cs of Royal Mail prohibited goods can be found here:



Unfortunately Royal Mail also take a dim view of sending "living creatures" by mail, which thwarted our initial intent of a puppies-by-post business. Instead we decided to launch Railtec.

Fear not Colm, the P&P for transfers is not increasing any time soon!

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Yes, but that's going to be too much bother for many retailers, I would think.


Maybe this is an opportunity for one model shop over here to stock these items since they would no longer have to compete with UK retailers?

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Royal Mail still send surface mail to Northern Ireland. The P&O boat into Larne has 8 x 45' spaces reserved every night for Royal Mail. Phoenix Percision never did like using RM and always insisted on a privat carrier they don't like selling small amounts and would prefer to sell to the trade in larger amounts. I usuall get about £100 worth of paint etc a month from various suppliers within the UK and it still comes with an orange sticker on the box saying not to be shipped via air.

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