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Faller car street system

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Train model

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Hi all I'm making a center piece for my layout with the help of Walter aka kinvara train man.So far I have got 2 starter kits a red Mercedes bus and a dhl truck.Walter gave me a list of things to get as I only want to do the layout once so I am looking for a few things old hornby houses to make the street scene a bit bigger if anyone has any for sale please let me know

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No Bos sorry it was getting a bit beyond what I wanted so we planned it out on Tuesday and the board was too small so I got a bigger one it will look great the way Walter has it planned I did not want the bother of points magnets digital ect just a bus and a truck for now I am very happy with it

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Wow! Great concept, particularly with the residential housing.


Hi weshty,

Thanks for you comment,the Helix can be used as well for N Gauge or Z or OO or HO or TT made to order for your requirements

With Best Regards to you neighbour over the border Up the banner:banana:


PS. all helixes are made out of 6mm or 10mm plywood

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Very nice Michael! Hadn't a clue what was going on tho, until I found a Youtube clip showing how the Faller system works! What will they think of next! And there I was, thinking that Triang's Minic Motorways were neat back in the '60s! Lovely little piece of suburbia you'll have there!

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