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Moogle's Workbench

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So, what's on my workbench?


Well a few thing's that I keep doing bits of every now and again as my time is taken up with non-Irish projects.


One of the ex GSR cattle wagons I 3D printed.




It needs roof and painting.




The parts prior to adding the cut down Peco chassis.




Took these pics on my mobile so not brilliant.

Undercoat wasn't completely dry and its picked up some 'bits' from somewhere, so will need redoing.

Needs better couplings than the fixed Kato ones it has!


And my C class diesel.




Not entirely happy with the railings on this and will redo some of them.




Make them straighter for a start! :facepalm:




They need more handrail knobs.

I could only just see the holes, they are something like 0.1 mm and the carpet monster ate a few.

I think next time I'll get a pair of cheap reading glasses to see the holes more clearly! =))

Its the Valvedesign body, Lifelike SD9 chassis and N Brass details.

I think I'll replace the material 'mesh' with some metal variety as I can put it in the opening then rather than behind it.

It'll look better then! :cool:

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Your Cattle Wagon looks good, looking forward to seeing it with the roof on. The C Class looks a lot of work, I get the impression you have to work against rather than with the Resin body. Just going on your photographs the finish does not look smooth. Does that mean lots of sanding prior to priming?

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It certainly will look good once the roofs on. Might go for a corrugated metal one, rusty as hell of course!

The C class has been a lot of work. I bought the body, two in fact, about 4 or 5 years ago. Shapeways offered less materials back then and it was only available in White, Strong and Flexible. Not the best material in the world for detail! So a lot of sanding has taken place.


If I were ordering now I can choose from White Detail, Frosted Detail and Ultra Frosted Detail.

I've no idea about the first one but the latter two materials give a pretty good finish. Well, at least for N gauge!

Like I said I had got two bodies, found two chassis to fit and then made a few 'errors' on one chassis making it unusable. :facepalm:

Still, gives me a source of spares and judging by the work so far, I think one C class will be enough!


The body is actually a lot smoother than the photo's make out and of course a few layers of paint will help there too.

Picked up some splatter guards from the £1 shop yesterday. A pack of two, good value to a cash starved modeller like me! :tumbsup:

Whilst the mesh size on them is probably fine for OO, I'll try doubling it up for N to reduce the mesh 'hole' size.

Will post pics of course when I get round to it! ;)

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Very nice. The shape of that C Class is quite convincing. I can never believe the amount of detail you 2mm modellers manage to pack in. Shapeways seems to be a wonderful resource for producing all sorts of models. I've just been working through this thread on rmweb, and the potential of the 3D printing technology is incredible - http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/61710-3d-printed-n-gauge-pendolino-and-on-track-plant/ (I'm sure you've already read it.)


(And might I, er, somewhat nervously, mention oval buffers?)


Lovely modelling,



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Didn't give the buffers a thought! :facepalm:

Will need to address that for sure.

Thanks! :tumbsup:


Been working on a 6 wheeler I started about 18 months ago!




Its a Worsley Works scratch aid and is actually 2mm scale.




You take what you can get in this scale though! I'm not a rivet counter as you may have guessed...




It is an ex GSWR coach and was built around the remains of an old Graham Farish 4 wheel coach body and uses 1 and a half chassis from the same coaches.

I had a good few battered ones acquired over the years, broken sides, broken chassis etc.

So I didn't use a perfect example as the few of those I have I keep for my English N gauge.

Besides, have you seen the silly prices they go for on Ebay?! :eek:




A bit of 'liquid lead' adds some much needed weight.

Can't buy it now I believe due those Elf and Safety people! :mad:

Still got work to do. Gaps in the chassis to fill, new couplings etc.

It is a little battered looking already but then weren't they all by the late 50's! :D

Will be in a shade of green of course...

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  • 5 weeks later...

Well, since my last entry here I've done nothing to the items featured! :eek:


I have re-measured something else I've been working on: a Bandon Tank.




I've realised the body is too tall so will look at lowering it somehow on the chassis.




It's actually the 1st N gauge loco I'm building in brass. So new experiences are being had, like burnt fingers! :ROFL:




Some of the pics aren't brill I admit but I think they show what I've done so far.

The chassis used is an adapted Graham Farish (Poole built) 'Flying Scotsman' chassis.




I had to stretch the dimensions a little to fit the chassis so the rivet counters will hate it but :P to them! :D

I decided to go with *using/adapting/cannibalising what I had already due to budget restrictions.

(Skint in other words!)

* delete as appropriate.




There's lots to be done yet and it will no doubt need a bit of filler here and there to finish but I'll get there in the end.

After all, no 1950's Cork based layout is complete without one of these! :cool:

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