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That would be me :)


Any and all contributors welcome - I don't have enough hours in teh day to keep it as up to date as I'd like!


Sorted. I will clarify where stuff should be added or ammended and PM you. What's the best way to send you details


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A very special 'thank you' to Grambit who painstakingly finished the clean up and import!


Hi BK. Ah, I got a little confused between http://irishrailmodels.com and the Resources section of this website. Excellent. FYI, I couldn't find 071s in the Resources section, were they added in the import? I presume in time more stock from IFM, SF, SSM, etc, may become part of it also. Thanks. Noel

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It's the same database Noel, just trying to 'centralise' it all, and then maintain it! I't not been updated now for probably two years, if not edging three, so the last update was way back when Paddy Murphy announced the 201! If I ever find some time, or anyone is keen to volunteer(!) we'll get it more up to date!

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I'm happy to help with the editing and updating, but be advised my railway knowledge is second to ... well, pretty much every one else here. Work has been crazy over the last few months, so editing the resource section makes a welcome change ... sad, I know!! :D



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