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Irish S Gauge layout in BRM August edition

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There is an excellently written 10 page article in this month's British Railway Modelling magazine of Paul Green's scratchbuily Kilbrandon layout. This is an S Gauge modelling based on the Killorglin/Iveragh area. The station with its Killarney style canopy is a joy to behold.


There are also fine handbuilt models of:


100 (sister of No. 90 preserved in Downpatrick)

D19 the Kerry Bogie

T&CR 2-6-0T Hunslet


Beg, borrow or steal a copy! I know Paul from the time that I bought SSM from him. A complete gent and connoisseur of fine ale and blues at the Dirty Duck Alehouse! (Wrenner can vouch for the quality of this venue too ;) )

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S scale is 1:64. We deal in 1:76.2 - but scale is slightly irrelevant here.


We deal in a track gauge of 16.5 mm, which is 4.5mm out of gauge for the 5'3" so making us underscale. Traditional irish modellers should be 21mm . S scale modellers have a gauge of 22.4mm, which makes their track and wheelsets closer to our 21mm standard.


Heres where scale comes in - if you want exact 3'5/6/7" wheelsets, you can get them in 1:64, but not in scale and gauge . Confused yet?


Essentially the stock and locos in that article are pretty high on the Moogle - Holman scale. 1 being plain crazy small, 10 being crazy full stop.



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