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Waterford to Tramore part 1

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Within the city boundaries

Despite the passage of over 5O years theres still some signs of the once great Tramore line within the city.

Ring Road


The trackbed would have ran through here

city bound


Tramore bound


Slightly further out just past the trees there was a deep cutting which is still in existence but is a black spot for illegal dumping which hampered further pics:(. At the end of the cutting there is a road overbridge




While the cutting has been filled in at this point using spoil from an embankment further along at least the telegraph pole has survived

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Further pics of the bridge were hampered by the couple of hundred kilos of deise bull lurking in the field.


Looking back towards Waterford and the last pic the embankment that was here was cut out due to flooding which still is a major problem in the area. There is also a rather low bridge at this location which has had its share of strikes judging by the paint on the roof



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Looking towards Tramore


And the former trackbed on the bridge used by a local riding school



The trackbed ran to the right of the trees complete with telegraph poles which look more like trees

A bit further in theres still gate posts which although moved since closure are worthy of inclusion. One of the drivers on the line had a few acres here and is mentioned in the five minute bell which gives a good history of the line.

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