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A beginners beginning

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A beginners beginning


Well as some of you know I’m the beginner with the silly questions :)

I have finally decided on how I’m going to start in the wonderful world of railway modelling.

No intention of doing any prototypical stuff yet, it will all be fictional.


I don’t have much at the moment only what came with the cheapest set i could find. (The Caledonian Belle)


Here is my “Huge” Fleet right now :)




My first attempt at some landscaping type thing was just some hills like so.


This is how i learnt about inclines lol




Next attempt is trying my hand at some crafting with printouts and card.



In this one i tried making a tree and some hedging.

Tree is actually an acorn sized pine cone with clump foliage.

The same sticks were used to make the gate. would have looked better if it was painted white.

Hedge is wooden coffee stirrer's. like icepop sticks with scatter pva'd on.




So, as you can see i still have a fair bit to learn and learning i am, Mostly from my mistakes lol


Next is to try put all this together in the form of an Inglenook shunting puzzle, and yes i know i don’t have enough rolling stock to ACTUALLY do the puzzle once done but they will come a rollin’ ... in time.

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Yea highlander iv had a few Ahhhh, and aha moments. usually when itys too late but id will stick with me for when doing the actual layouts.


Well i have started the baseboard for my inglehook layout.

part of the reason for this was to help teach my kids about controlling trains and not just whacking it up to full speed lol


Baseboard is 4x2 a bit bigger than needed but that is to allow for some daddy daughter time with paper mache doing hills at the back :D




This will allow me to have a mountain in the open area above the large curve.

Top left siding hopefully will be a rocky quarry style and the bottom left siding i hope to have a goods station for the completed tasks.



then maybe the controls at the bottom right.


All this will be pre DCC (DC?? Analog?)

may try my hand at having a little stream running under the curve to the right with a little wooden bridge for the track to over it.



Are these siding lengths about the correct side for a 5-3-3 ?

I don't have 5 to test lol

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You'll get loads of fun from the Inglenook style classic layout.

I've built a few myself over the years in different scales and gauges.

Never gets boring!


You seem to be making good progress so far.

No such thing as a silly question.

After all, todays experts were beginners once and I bet they asked a few!

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Thats true moogle. we all started somewere :)


So no chicken wire or foam blocks to start my mountain i improvised with what freebies i could get my hands on...

paper cups from work :)




And good old newspaper and pva glue




With no paint what so ever in the house im thinking.. would some dirt mixed in with the 50/50 pva mix make a brown coating for the mountains just to give me a better idea of how its shaping out?


What do you guys think? would that work?

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