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sticking to one road name

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I thought I would try to get some discussion going.

For anyone into the yank stuff, do you generally stick to one road name, or just model all sorts?

Personally, I try sticking to UP/SP but being somewhat impulsive, I just cant seem to!

Thanks for any opinions expressed


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I can't stick to anything. I even have different coasts! UP, BNSF, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, BN, NY Central, New Haven, Pennsy, Penn Central, Conrail, NS, CSX, Chessie and CN are in the fleet off the top of my head. And don't get me started on eras....


US stuff is saved by power running through from one railroad to another and I like variety. When I do run stuff I keep it to locos that could feasibly be run together and stock to match rather than say running my NY Central 20th Century Limited next to a trio of ACes and Gevos.


I do subscribe to the 'it's my railway I'll run what I like' philosophy. At the end of the day do what suits you. I'd love to be more disciplined and focused but I've resigned myself to the fact that it will never happen!

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Hi Guys' I am into USA stuff in O scale in my garden but mainly B&O 1950s steam era as its my first love though I do have L&N and CNJ and Pennsy steam and diesel too . I also have the beginnings of a small modern UP west coast collection but mainly diesels but I have an FEF 4-8-4 which of course the UP have never retired and she still runs today. I might add a Big Boy and a challenger if funds permit as the challenger is also preserved in working order and UP are in the process of restoring a big boy too. I also have a fair collection of european O but Ill post that on the continental page in due course.

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I developed an interest in the Delaware & Hudson and pretty much settled on that road n the re Conrail era after buying an N Scale Atlas (Kato) RS3 around 20 years ago. I was fascinated by the number of railroads and variety of power in the North East, at the time nothing came close to the Atlas & Kato diesels in terms of detail and quality of running.


I got hooked on Alco's clearing out Victors stock of FA1s and RS11 and hunting down a pair of Con-Cor PA1s. Apart from the RS3s little was available in D&H colours,. The FA1s were painted in the original CP maroon & gray scheme, the RS11s & PA1s in D&H colours.


Second generation power joined the fleet when Kato introduced their U30Cs and SD45s including locos in D&H colour the early 90s, Erie Lackawanna & Reading SD45 joined the fleet both for use on run-though trains from the South and West to New England an Canada and for interchange traffic with other roads.


The amount kit bashing and modification reduced and some of the less satisfactory power as replaced by newer Atlas offerings including the big Alco 628s in D&H & LV "Snowbird" colours and Kato PA1s.


I haven't done anything with the N since a house move 6-7 year ago, most of the locos now live in a display case in the hall, everything else boxed away.


Besides the D&H I had a brief flirtation with a Western Maryland logging/coal mining railroad in HO inspired by a late 1990s railfaning West Virginia, somehow or other I managed to resist modelling the UP & BNSF despite spending several week in the West an Mid-West

I guess a day-job,4year old daughter, freelance garden railway and Irish Modelling itrests' keeps me occupied

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That loco is huge! What make are the F units?


Hi UP, Those F units are old Atlas F9s (produced back in the late 70s early 80s I understand by Rivarrossi in Austria for Atlas). They are two-rail and they come up really cheap on the US market regularly. They are decent models driven on both bogies by a central motor. They are plastic bodies and the main faults with them are the steps tend to break off easy and the bogie sides can unclip very easily too but a wee spot of glue sorts that .On the upside you won't get a cheaper decent way into the US 2 rail O gauge scene.I've seen these sell in good condition for as little as $30 dollars on ebay USA ,and you can buy older ones that have faults for peanuts to use as spares. Also from time to time really nice re-paints come on the market and also I've seen some really good renditions of B units for sale produced by chopping off the cabs etc. They are really decent models. They were produced in UP,Santa FE, Chesapeake and OHIO and Burlington Northern. Right now there are two very good looking UP ones on UK ebay for sale by Rails of Sheffield. However as usual they are more expensive this side of the water than in the states.I have quite a few of these in Santa Fe, UP,and Chesapeake and OHIO. They are 12 volt DC. Rivarrossi also made another O gauge American diesel of which I have two in Pennsylvania Brown livery but I can't remember the type off the top of my head, I think ??? they were C liners??? Again fine models for their day. If you want to get into US O gauge 2rail cheap thats the easiest way in. Cheers DAVY Just remembered , I think it was Roco who made the Athearn models in Austria but Rivarrossi made the Fairbanks Morse C liners.

Rivarrossi also made an IHB 0-8-0 in O in kit form, an old time 4-6-0 and an old time 4-4-0 both in woodburner and coalburner versions. The fairbanks Morse C liner was accurate for Pennsylvania but was bogus in the Santa Fe livery. Anyway found this on you tube guys. All hese models can still be found cheap on US ebay. I wish I could say the same for my big brass O gauge steamers. The B&O EM1 was over £600 and believe me I won a watch that day for they usually go for a helluva lot more !! Enjoy

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Hi UP. its just the way the US scene is. Hangover from the power of Lionel past and present. I personally can't stand 3 rail but each to their own, However there are still great RTR models in 2 rail all bells and whistles and increasingly so from MTH. I nearly have all the B&O locos I want,

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