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I've finally got around to modelling some limestone "coursed ashlar" abutement and wing wall elements for a proposed girder bridge. The main thing I wanted to achieve is the random aspect of the construction. The real ones take randomness to an art form!


I also wanted to try and capture the rustication (the undressed front face of the stonework).


SSM bridge walls.jpg


Once the clay has dried I will paint and weather them.

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Thanks Boskonay.


General process is:

roll the clay to a suitable thickness

prod it with a modelling fork to get the rustication effect

Lay it on a lined paper template and use some brass sheet to line the horizontal courses

The vertical lines are then marked out using some brass cut-off to size

Cut in some smaller horizontal lining on some of the bricks

Repeat the lining vertically and horizontally until satisfied.


As stated already, I intend to redo it to get the more prototypical random ashlar effect.


The clay air dries and sets rock hard in 24-48 hours. 'tis great stuff.


I propose to provide a kit of resin abutements with wing walls and a brass girder bridge at some stage in the future.

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One method I've seen is where you roll the DAS clay out on crumpled up clingfilm or tin foil, and you use a piece of dental floss or fine fishing line to make the horizontal coursing. You could strap several to two pieces of timber to make an "egg slicer" effect if you wanted to speed things up? The vertical joints can be sorted with a blade of some sort, maybe cut down to match the course height?


This the sort of look you're going for? R.

(New Road, Kilkenny)


Road Bridge 02.jpg


(Barrack St., Kilkenny)



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Hi Des, this is the template I made out of 0.3mm plastic. The edges were lined up on both sides to create a seamless tile. The stone coursing was based on the bridge on the Lower Glanmire Rd, Cork. The raised stone was done after with lumps of Das, now I have to get around to painting it proper.



stone mad1.jpg

stone template1.jpg

stone template2.jpg

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