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how to open MM 201/071/141 Cabs?

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Hi lads,

I want to put a driver figure in the Cabs of my Locos but im not sure how to open them up, is it hard/ fiddly & will I risk damaging the Locos if I'm not 100% sure? Any advise, & pictures if possible, would be appreciated!

Secondly I see a lot of ye have 'buckeye' couplers on yer models, what is the exact name/ code for these?, I didn't see them in Marks Models, The Model Shop websites probably because I don't have the exact name for them!

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Hi rebelred


Take a look at this, at the start is notes on opening up an 071, which is roughly the same for 141/181's;- http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/content.php/362-Installing-sound-in-a-141


Though look out for those handrails! It is best to take them off. When pulling the body up- remember part of the orange skirt is part of the chassis just under the footplate- hold it here and pull on the upper body


Have fun



Edited by murrayec
not 'body' it's part of the chassis just under the footplate
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